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Adjusting Pandora s Settings Your Account, Upgrading, and More
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CHAPTER 14: Introduction to the AppKit
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We ll cover memory access speed in more detail when we look at non-uniform memory access (NUMA) architecture a little later in this chapter. For now, let s focus on CPU platforms, and the advantages of 64-bit computing.
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So we now know how we can use our BDC data in SharePoint, how the BDC is structured architecturally, and how it sits as a shared service. The final thing we need to do is see how we define our application definition file that describes our data source to SharePoint.
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if ( myInt >= 0 ) { if ( myInt <= 10 ) printf( "myInt is between 0 and 10.\n" ); } else printf( "myInt is negative.\n" );
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Listing 6.12 Changing the theme to Aero
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The way to tell this is by checking the variable $NestedPromptLevel. If you are in a nested prompt, this variable will be greater than zero.
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What this means is that we merely need to have an @synthesize statement for both the pointers, one for the UILabel and another for the UIImageView. We named the pointer for the UILabel named label, and we named the pointer for the UIImageView named uiImageView. We can put them both on the same line, so let s do it:
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This launches the SSMS LogFile Viewer, which enables you to easily review audit events written to any of the available server audit targets, as shown in figure 9. To view events from server audits that use the File target, we can use a new built-in system function called sys.fn_get_audit_file. This function allows you to extract the audit events from one or more audit files in a tabular format that can be queried with standard T-SQL or loaded into a table for further analysis. Listing 6 demonstrates how to query the sys.server_file_audits catalog view to obtain the audit folder and pass that to the sys.fn_get_audit_file function in order to view the audit events in SSMS.
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The main difference between the code in listing 9.6 and our previous example is that we are manually saving information to the authentication ticket (before this process was automated). We are also utilizing the FormsAuthentication class more than before. Let s walk through the code and explain what is happening. First, as in our earlier example, unauthenticated users are redirected to the login page, at which time they must enter their username and password to view the requested page. This time, however, when we make a call to the ValidateUser function to determine if a user has entered a correct username/password combination, a list of roles is retrieved by calling the GetUserRoles function. This retrieves whatever roles are assigned to a user in the UserRoles table in SQL Server and populates a module-level string variable called roles. Once the user has been authenticated (i.e., the ValidateUser function returns True) and roles for that user have been retrieved, the next step is to create our forms authentication ticket. When we create the FormsAuthenticationTicket object called ticket, we must pass several items into its constructor: Version Username IssueDate ExpirationDate IsPersisted UserData
f you had to choose a friend from ancient Greece, Socrates may be an interesting choice. You two could sit down for hours reflecting on and discussing the state of things. However, if you needed someone who could get things done someone in command you d probably want to move a few hundred years into the future to ancient Rome and consider someone like Julius Caesar. AppleScript is more like Caesar than like Socrates; it rules the Mac OS kingdom. When AppleScript talks, most statements it uses contain a command, and after stating most of those, it ll wait there until it gets a result. You use the AppleScript language to get results to get things done. And since AppleScript has no mouse or keyboard, it gets things done by giving commands.
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