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In the MVC paradigm, the view is responsible for displaying data to the user. When you re creating CocoaWGet s user interface within Interface Builder, you effectively created the application view. Cocoa s Application Kit handles most of the displaying and updating of the view for you.
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You can create as many blocks as you need. You can create a simple block definition in two ways. The first uses the Blocks collection s Add method to create an empty Block object. You can then add entities to this new definition. The second uses the InsertBlock method of ModelSpace, PaperSpace, or a Block object to both create a block definition and insert a block reference from an external drawing file.
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CHAPTER 13: Drawing in Cocoa
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namespace CSContactMgrWS { /// <summary> /// Summary description for Contact. /// </summary> [WebService(Namespace="http://dotnetsvr/CSContactMgrWS")] public class Contact : System.Web.Services.WebService { public Contact() { //CODEGEN: This call is required by the ASP.NET //Web Services Designer InitializeComponent(); } #region Component Designer generated code //Required by the Web Services Designer private IContainer components = null; /// <summary> /// Required method for Designer support - do not modify /// the contents of this method with the code editor. /// </summary> private void InitializeComponent() { } /// <summary> /// Clean up any resources being used. /// </summary> protected override void Dispose( bool disposing ) { if(disposing && components != null) { components.Dispose(); } base.Dispose(disposing); } #endregion [WebMethod()] public DataSet GetAllContacts() {
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The DisplayCat program before you add anything to the project
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If you don t have iTunes version 9.2 or later, click the iTunes link to download it.
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#include <stdio.h> main() defines two variables. fp is our FILE pointer, and c is an int that will hold the chars
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WPF has considerable changes and improvements to the deployment process. In particular, web deployment of smart applications is a first-class citizen in WPF. A major difference between targeting an application for web deployment versus installer-based deployment is in the much more restricted security environment the web model entails. Other than security, the difference between WPF web applications and standalone applications is minimal. In the web deployment model, applications are packaged as XBAPs and run in a sandbox, which by default provides limited access to local resources and doesn t permit unmanaged code. Browser-based WPF applications can t run offline, so access to the deployment site is necessary to execute the application. Standalone applications potentially have full trust and are ideal for applications that are being migrated from unsafe/unmanaged code or for applications used offline. Standalone applications may also be deployed over the web using ClickOnce. When a user browses to a standalone application, it will be installed on the end user s system and may be executed offline as well.
CHAPTER 6: Core Data and Hard-Core Design
As you can see, the Dock property of a ToolBar is set to Top by default. Visual Studio also sets the DropDownArrows and ShowToolTips properties to true, even though the default for both settings is false. The code generated here is nothing unusual, so we will move on to the ToolBarButton class. 13.1.3 THE TOOLBARBUTTON CLASS By themselves, toolbars do not present much information to the user. These objects take on meaning and purpose once they have one or more toolbar buttons placed on them. In this section we look at the ToolBarButton class in some detail. We will hold off discussing exactly how to place our buttons on the toolbar until section 13.3, after we have introduced the idea of an image list in section 13.2. An overview of the ToolBarButton class appears in .NET Table 13.2. This object is a component, so it does not inherit any properties from the Control class. As a result, a number of control-like properties such as Enabled, Tag, and Visible are defined explicitly by this class. 413
The y axis is worker time in ms, and the x axis is ReadBatchThreshold. As you can see, the higher values produce the lowest worker times for this particular workload. In this case, the workload is 10,000 singleton inserts.
RegularExpressionValidator2.ValidationGroup = ClientID; Button1.ValidationGroup = ClientID; base.OnPreRender(e); }
1. Launch Site Manager and log on as administrator or template designer. 2. Select the Resource Gallery icon to display the resource gallery hierarchy. 3. Select the resource gallery containing the resource (or resources) that you want to copy or move. 4. Right-click the resource to copy or move to view the context menu. 5. Select Copy (or Cut) to place a copy of the resource on the clipboard. Using Cut causes the resource to be deleted after pasting to the new location. 6. Use the resource gallery hierarchy to select the target location; select Paste to paste the resource from the clipboard.
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