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DECLARE C CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT seqval FROM dbo.NumSeq ORDER BY seqval; OPEN C; FETCH NEXT FROM C INTO @prvseqval; IF @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 FETCH NEXT FROM C INTO @seqval; WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN IF @seqval - @prvseqval > 1 INSERT INTO @Gaps(start_range, end_range) VALUES(@prvseqval + 1, @seqval - 1); SET @prvseqval = @seqval; FETCH NEXT FROM C INTO @seqval; END CLOSE C; DEALLOCATE C; SELECT start_range, end_range FROM @Gaps;
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Listing 12.10 A card view template
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Table 13.1 The threat classifications in the STRIDE model Explanation Spoofing refers to various ways of assuming the identity of another user for the duration of a task. Tampering simply means of changing data. Note that this does not imply information disclosure simple corruption may be all that is achieved. From an attacker s perspective, repudiation essentially means covering your tracks. A particular act can not be traced and attributed to the committer of the act. Information disclosure is simply allowing unauthorized persons access to sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and so on. continued on next page
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Web Part resources and localization
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attempts, or provision user accounts, you want to be sure that either the task is completed properly or the reason for failure is appropriately recorded. In this chapter, we re going to focus on the latter topic: how PowerShell reports, records, and manages error conditions. This is one of the areas that really makes PowerShell stand out from other scripting tools. The support for diagnostic tracing and logging is practically unprecedented in traditional scripting languages. Unfortunately, these features don t come entirely free there are costs in terms of complexity and execution overhead that just aren t there in other languages. All these capabilities are very much a part of PowerShell as a management tool; we ve set a higher bar for PowerShell than has been set for most other language environments. We ll begin with the error objects themselves. Errors in PowerShell are not simply error codes, strings, or even exceptions as found in languages such as C# and VB.Net. They are rich objects that include just about everything we could think of that might be useful in debugging a problem.
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namespace 11.MixXmlAndRelationalData { class Program { public const string AmazonAccessID = "15QN7X0P65HR0X975T02"; static void Main(string[] args) { string requestUrl = "http://webservices.amazon.com/onca/xml Service=AWSECommerceService" + "&AWSAccessKeyId=" + AmazonAccessID + "&Operation=ItemLookup&" + "ItemId=0735621632&" + "ResponseGroup=Reviews"; XNamespace ns = "http://webservices.amazon.com/AWSECommerceService/2005-10-05"; LinqInActionDataContext ctx = new LinqInActionDataContext(); XElement amazonReviews = XElement.Load(requestUrl); var results = from bookElement in amazonReviews.Element(ns + "Items") .Elements(ns + "Item")
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the RichTextBox s internal representation and the FlowDocument representation. But this puts us into a bind.9 Not to worry, though all dependency objects have an event called DataContextChanged, which is fired whenever the value in the data context is, well, changed. We can catch that event and write a bit of code to set and retrieve the document (listing 11.17).
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CHAPTER 9: Fake It Til You Make It: Tips and Tricks for Improving Interface Responsiveness
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Here s a quick thumbnail sketch of the PackageMaker process. PackageMaker collects the assets that you want to provide in the installation package and the rules that you want to apply to the installation process (for example, don t install on a version below Mac OS X 10.4 or if there is less than 10 GB of available disk space, and so on), and allows you to choose options like the location of the installation and whether and how you will handle upgrades as opposed to new installations, and to define scripts to run before or after the installation. It s a sophisticated and comprehensive installation tool.
The PowerShell tab completion mechanism is user extendable. While the path completion mechanism is built into the executable, features such as parameter and property completion are implemented through a shell function that users can examine and modify. The name of this function is TabExpansion. 7 describes how to write and manipulate PowerShell functions.
Figure 6.5 Mapping the join to the extension method parameters
Flying people into space presents interesting challenges to engineers and astronauts, one of the more difficult being how to make sure the astronaut is ready to go into space and operate all the machinery. A full integration test for a space shuttle would require being in space, and that s obviously not a safe way to test astronauts. That s why NASA has full simulators that mimic the surroundings of a space shuttle s control deck, which removes the external dependency of having to be in outer space.
Normal MouseOver Pressed
exceptions being raised at runtime. If all three methods manage to do their work and return, you ll be rewarded by the appearance of a congratulatory alert panel (just what you always wanted). However, each method has a problem that will raise an exception. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find and fix each problem. Here s the complete content of the ExceptionCityAppDelegate.m file:
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