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Using Errors to Your Advantage
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Type your first name, and then press Return. When I did, I saw the output shown in Figure 8-7. Let s take a look at the source code that generated this output.
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XElement root = XElement.Load("categorizedBooks.xml"); XElement dotNetCategory = root.Element("category"); XAttribute name = dotNetCategory.Attribute("name"); XElement books = dotNetCategory.Element("books"); IEnumerable<XElement> bookElements = books.Elements("book"); Console.WriteLine((string) dotNetcategory); foreach(XElement bookElement in bookElements) { Console.WriteLine(" - " + (string)bookElement); }
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Listing 5.9 The method under test and a test that uses handwritten mocks and stubs
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Settings Menu File Property (Name) Text Edit (Name) Text View (Name) Text Value menuFile &File menuEdit &Edit menuView &View
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Figure 6-9. Repeating through filenames in order to process each file
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Options within Tweet
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// Create the static body that keeps objects within the screen area float mass = INFINITY; float inertia = INFINITY; cpBody* staticBody = cpBodyNew(mass, inertia);
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and clean to perform, and it almost corrupts your good sense of objectoriented aesthetics, leading you to code that might have fewer interfaces but more virtual methods. I like to call this method ex-crack and override because it s such a hard habit to let go of once you know it.
When does the autorelease pool get destroyed so that it can send a release message to all of the objects it contains For that matter, when does a pool get created in the first place In the Foundation tools we ve been using, the creation and destruction of the pool has been explicit:
Think about how, prior to WPF, you might have approached an application with respect to the user interface, multimedia, and document lifecycle. You might have chosen Windows Forms to implement most of the UI, perhaps calling out to Adobe Flash for the multimedia aspects, and using PDF or proprietary file formats to handle the documentation artifacts. You may also have used Microsoft s Windows Media Player components or Apple s QuickTime to embed video content for tutorials or how-tos in your application. With WPF, Microsoft addresses all these concerns with a single, unified base technology. One of the implications of this is that WPF is pretty extensive extensive enough that a quick glance won t tell you what s there and where to find it. The main
Listin g 2-10. Objective-C Class as C Structure
The Cocoa object hierarchy has a common ancestor class: NSObject. When you create a new class, you ll almost always subclass NSObject or an existing Cocoa class. C++ object hierarchies tend to be several trees with distinct roots.
This time, the domain expert rejects the example. She tells me that it s incorrect to have orders for the same customer ID but with different names same customer ID should always imply same customer name. This leads me to the conclusion that CustomerName is functionally dependent on CustomerID. I already know that both CustomerName and CustomerID depend on OrderNo, which means I can deduct that OrderNo CustomerName is a transitive dependency. Because third normal form disallows transitive dependencies in a table, I now know that I ll end up with a separate table for CustomerID and CustomerName, and the latter removed from this table. I can choose to remove the column later and continue testing first (in which case I ll have a complete set of dependencies when I m done testing), or I can choose to remove this column now and continue my tests with the remaining attributes only (in which case I must take care not to forget testing the extra table just created, unless all possible dependencies have already been examined). I choose the latter because the number of tests to perform increases more than linearly with the number of attributes in each table, I prefer to do the tests on several narrow tables rather than on one single wide table.
if (!SecurityManager.IsOperationPermitted(Int32.Parse(reportId))) throw new System.Security.SecurityException( ); string reportAdapterFullTypeName =
CHAPTER 8: Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
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