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Add a Resize event handler for the PictureBox control to force the control to redraw the entire image when it is resized.
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Dynamic interfaces in Web Parts
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Figure C.4 The results of the specific finder method
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- (NSArray*)predictionsForStation:(NSString*)stationId { NSMutableArray *predictions = nil;
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Sometimes the report session caching may get in the way. For example, you may need to view the report with the most recent data. As we learned in chapter 8, you cannot turn off report session caching. However, you can use either of the following approaches to clear the report session so that the report is processed anew: If the standard report toolbar is not suppressed, you can click the Refresh Report button (not the browser s Refresh button) or press Ctrl-F5. When you do this, the HTML Viewer intercepts the request and sends the ClearSession command (rs:ClearSession=true) to the Report Server to clear the report session. The Report Server will then process the report again. Send the ClearSession command explicitly as a part of the URL request. Refreshing the report in the browser (by pressing F5) doesn t clear the session. This means that if the report session is valid (hasn t expired, has the same set of parameters, and so on), the Report Server will serve the report from the same report session. For browsers that are configured to not support cookies, you can use cookie-less report sessions by setting the UseSessionCookies setting in the ConfigurationInfo table in the RS Configuration Database to false. In this case, instead of sending a cookie, the Report Server adds a parameter to the URL to identify the session. One of the main advantages of requesting reports by URL is the handy report toolbar that the Report Server generates by default, as we discuss next. 10.2.5 Working with the HTML Viewer When a report is requested by URL and rendered in HTML, the Report Server generates a useful toolbar, called the HTML Viewer, at the top of the report, as shown in figure 10.3. With the breadth of features that this toolbar provides, you can really appreciate the effort that the RS team has gone to on your behalf. It is a mini-application by itself! The RS documentation refers to the HTML framework that hosts both the toolbar and the report as the HTML Viewer.
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{ self.visible = NO; // Play a particle effect when the enemy was destroyed CCParticleSystem* system; if (type == EnemyTypeBoss) { system = [ARCH_OPTIMAL_PARTICLE_SYSTEM particleWithFile:@"fx-explosion2.plist"]; } else { system = [ARCH_OPTIMAL_PARTICLE_SYSTEM particleWithFile:@"fx-explosion.plist"]; } // Set some parameters that can't be set in Particle Designer system.positionType = kCCPositionTypeFree; system.autoRemoveOnFinish = YES; system.position = self.position; [[GameScene sharedGameScene] addChild:system]; } }
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Loading and Saving XML
In the real world, you should abstain from reporting off an OLTP database for performance reasons. As the name suggests, OLTP systems must scale to meet large transaction volumes and handle hundreds and even thousands of users. Reporting applications usually submit queries to retrieve and analyze substantial sets of data, which impose data locks on many records in the database. This can severely tax your OLTP system performance. For this reason, reporting and OLTP are usually two mutually exclusive options. A typical solution involves consolidating OLTP data and then uploading it to a data warehouse database that is optimized and designated for reporting purposes only.
Cached Bid data is valid indefinitely, because bids are never updated. No cache invalidation is required. (Instances may be evicted by the cache provider for example, if the maximum number of objects in the cache is reached.) User is an example of a class that could be cached with the nonstrict-read-write strategy, but we aren t certain that it makes sense to cache users. Let s set the cache provider, expiration policies, and physical properties of the cache. You use cache regions to configure class and collection caching individually.
If you store an int in myUnion by assigning a value to myUnion.i, you d best remember that fact. If you proceed to store a float in myUnion.f, you ve just trashed your int. Remember, there are only 4 bytes allocated to the entire union. In addition, storing a value as one type and reading it as another can produce unpredictable results. For example, if you stored a float in myNumber.f, the field myNumber.i would not be the same as (int)(myNumber.f).
The following is the official definition of the try statement. Optional parameters appear in square brackets. try --statement or statements that may throw an error. on error [error_message] [number error_number] [from offending_object] [to expected_type] [partial result result_list] --the statement/s that will execute in case of an error... end try As you can see in this example, the try statement can be involved. It is usually much simpler, though. Out of all the different parameters, you ll usually need to deal with only the error message and the error number.
PowerShell in SQL Server
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