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Listing 23.1 A short script containing logic errors
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If no file name is present, the item cannot be activated.
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Reuse is closely related to flexibility. By abstracting the functionality of your classes, you can reuse your objects in other applications or for other purposes. The most commonly reused objects are data model and view objects. The core Cocoa view objects (buttons, text fields, image viewers) are reused daily for thousands of different purposes, just by connecting them to different data model and controller objects.
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The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That s where we come in; we re computer professionals. We cause accidents.
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In addition to viewing the text of recently completed expensive queries, we can sort the results in ascending or descending order by CPU usage, physical/logical reads/ sec, duration, plan count, and executions/min. A powerful feature of this particular pane is the ability to right-click any of the queries and view the graphical execution plan, as shown in figure 14.4.
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from the data collection sets of participating servers. Each server is individually configured for data collection, and one of the steps in this process is choosing the MDW location where the collected data will be loaded. Once the data collection sets begin loading, the MDW becomes the source for a number of included (and very powerful) reports, which we ll cover shortly. Figure 15.1 shows the major components of the data collection platform working together. With this overview in mind, let s proceed by looking at the initial setup and configuration steps.
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CHAPTER 7: Dragging, Rotating, and Scaling
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Parameter attributes
One of the most powerful features of policy-based management is the variety of ways in which checks and violations can be defined and managed at an individual policy level. In the previous section we covered the four evaluation modes: On Change Prevent, On Change Log Only, On Schedule, and On Demand. Let s take a look at an example of each of these methods, starting with On Demand. ON DEMAND When you create a policy using the On Demand evaluation mode, the policy is created in a disabled state. You can then use it in an ad hoc manner as required by right-clicking the policy and choosing Evaluate. Let s do this for the Surface Area Configuration policy we imported earlier. Figure 8.7 shows the evaluation results of this policy. In this example, the evaluation failed because the target server has Database Mail enabled. In addition to clicking View to see the details of the evaluation, you can click Apply, which will reconfigure the server to be compliant with the policy. ON CHANGE PREVENT You may wish to enforce certain policies so that violations are prevented from occurring. Unfortunately, this is only possible for a certain class of conditions, specifically those able to be rolled back with DDL triggers. As an example, figure 8.8 contains the error message returned when a table create statement violates a table name condition specifying that tables must be created with a tbl_ prefix.
This looks very similar to code we have seen before. As usual, though, there are some points worth highlighting. This line is a little strange. You do not normally tab into a status bar, so why set a tab index Visual Studio does this to ensure that each control has a unique index, but it does not mean that you can tab to the status bar control. By default, the StatusBar sets the TabStop property (inherited from the Control class) to false. So the status bar is not a tab stop (by default), even though Visual Studio sets a TabIndex for it. If you recall, the order in which controls are added establishes the z-order stack (which controls are in front or behind the others). This is important here since the pbxPhoto control takes up the entire window (with Dock set to Fill). By adding the status bar first, this insures this control is on top, docked first, and therefore visible. In the Forms Designer window, you can right-click a control to select the Bring to Front or Send to Back item and modify the z-order.1 You might try this to verify that the status bar is hidden if you run the application with pbxPhoto at the top of the z-order.
The following example creates a cylinder based on user input: Public Sub TestAddCylinder() Dim varPick As Variant Dim dblRadius As Double Dim dblHeight As Double Dim dblCenter(2) As Double Dim objEnt As Acad3DSolid '' set the default viewpoint SetViewpoint '' get input from user With ThisDrawing.Utility .InitializeUserInput 1 varPick = .GetPoint(, vbCr & "Pick the base center point: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 + 2 + 4, "" dblRadius = .GetDistance(varPick, vbCr & "Enter the radius: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 + 2 + 4, "" dblHeight = .GetDistance(varPick, vbCr & "Enter the Z height: ") End With '' calculate dblCenter(0) dblCenter(1) dblCenter(2) center point from input = varPick(0) = varPick(1) = varPick(2) + (dblHeight / 2)
Get-SPWebApplication | Get-SPSite | ForEach-Object { Get-SPFeature -Site $_} | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -match "WebPartsInAction*"}
ThreadPool example (C#)
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