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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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Figure 11.10 As network latency increases, the impact on transaction response time and throughput increases.
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CHAPTER 14: Introduction to the AppKit
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Apple s GUI-based development tools
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1. Launch the Site Manager, and log on as the site manager. 2. Select Start. 3. Select User Roles (Resource Managers). 4. Select Stage-As (In Resource Managers, User Roles); view Properties. 5. Select Modify in the Group Members tab of the Stage-As Properties dialog box. 6. Select the domain in the Modify Members Stage-As dialog box. 7. Select the Users group in the Modify Members Stage-As dialog box; select Members. 8. Select your account in the NT Group Members dialog box, and then verify your selection. 9. Save changes, and exit Site Stager.
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find. I guarantee you ll spot the right parameter in a few moments. PowerShell has a variety of Out- cmdlets. One is called Out-Default, and that s the one the shell uses when you don t specify a different Out- cmdlet. If you run this,
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Jonathan Saggau
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What this code does is creates a reference to the Address Book and its respective database. You then return an array of all the people in your Address Book using the following code:
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Invoke-Command -computerName Server-R2,Server-DC4,Server12 -command { Get-EventLog Security -newest 200 | Where { $_.EventID -eq 1212 }}
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PS C:\> [int]$number = Read-Host "Enter a number" Enter a number: 100 PS C:\> $number | gm Confirm that
Do you have automated scripts for setting up the operating system and installing all necessary software Do you package your software in such a way that all the configuration files are bundled with the binary artifacts, ready for one-click deployment Do you run your software stack inside of virtual machines that can be cloned Are common maintenance tasks (such as vacuuming the database, announcing maintenance windows, and backing up data) happening automatically or easily automated with a single click Is your software designed to scale horizontally by adding new web servers or other machines
Or like this:
CHAPTER 14: Advanced Drawing Topics
<img src="images/rssbadge.gif"" border=0" /> </a></p>
Import-CSV c:\users2.csv | Select-Object *,@{l='samAccountName';e={$_.LoginName}}, @{l='Name';e={$_.LoginName}}, @{l='GivenName';e={$_.FirstName}}, @{l='Surname';e={$_.LastName}}
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In this chapter, you ll learn how to create both Web Part connection providers and consumers using custom connection contracts as well as the default connection types defined in SharePoint. I ll show you how to combine Web Part connections with ASP.NET Ajax techniques to make the connections and updates more dynamic. In addition, you ll look at filter Web Parts, specialized Web Parts that you can use to filter the contents of other Web Parts.
Drillthrough instead of drill-down
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