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Connecting to data sources
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Listing 1.15 Hello LINQ to SQL complete source code (HelloLinqToSql.csproj)
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Confused Look at Figure 4-2. In this example, main() starts with a call to the function MyFunction(). This call to MyFunction() will cause each of the statements inside MyFunction() to be executed. Once the last statement in MyFunction() is executed, control is returned to main(). Next, main() calls AnotherFunction(). Once the last statement in AnotherFunction() is executed, control is again returned to main(), and main() can then exit with a return code of 0. When main() exits, your program exits. Returning a value of 0 tells whatever program launched your program that all is OK and that you are exiting normally.
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To use this function, take the XAML from the ElasticEase demonstration and replace the two easing functions with the XAML fragment here. Be sure to map an XML namespace to the local application. Easing functions really help liven up animation, providing a sometimes more organic but always more interesting way to move a value between two bounds. The built-in easing functions cover almost every need you ll have when animating in Silverlight. For those cases when the built-in functions aren t quite what you want, you can create your own easing functions as long as you an express the equation in code. Easing functions were originally designed with Blend in mind. Designers love to be able to specify an easing function to use on a keyframe; they can do it right from the Blend UI. Another technology that came about due to Blend, this time from the Blend team itself, is the behavior. Behaviors are fascinating ways to add animation, code, or other reusable logic to your elements in XAML.
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The Technorati API
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Figure 9 4. The Data Model in Xcode
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You can touch the Information icon to adjust your favorite team, input your MLB TV subscription information (if you have one), or jump right to the MLB web site. TIP: You can even allow notifications to be sent when something newsworthy occurs related to your favorite team. To do this, touch the Information icon and turn Notifications to ON.
In the following exercise, you will use AppleScript to read a tab-delimited text file that was exported from a database application. What gives the text meaning is knowing what each column stands for. The feel-good part of tab-delimited text files is that they re easy to handle. They have no code, no characters to omit, no hidden characters . . . they re just data separated by tabs. The way data is arranged in a tab-delimited text file is just the same as in a database: there are records, fields, and cells. In the text file, each paragraph is a record, each column is a field, and the cells are the text separated by tabs.
int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { SayHello(); SayHello(); SayHello(); return 0; }
To finish the mapping, you also have to map the HomeAddress property of User. This is easy enough; you add another <many-to-one> element to the User metadata, mapping a new foreign key column, HOME_ADDRESS_ID:
<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/"> <Module Name="PageDeployment" Url="SitePages"> <File Path="PageDeployment\Page.aspx" Url="Page.aspx" IgnoreIfAlreadyExists="TRUE" Type="GhostableInLibrary" /> </Module> </Elements> CONFIGURING WEB PART ZONES
Provider Connections
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