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Get-Process; Get-Service
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gather and consolidate events that are very similar or the same. Consolidation rules are particularly useful when you are expecting a large number of similar events to be generated and only want to raise a single alert (e.g., on security events). In Figure 5-16, the Event Number and Source Names fields are selected from the list of event fields that must match with the events to be consolidated. All selected events must occur within 1 second.
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Figure 1-21. The output for Listing 1-31
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Here we combine data from multiple tables and order them in a manner most relevant to the user. Because this query returns 43 rows, I ll leave it to your inquiring mind to key it in and see the results. Whereas querying completes step three of our one-two-three, you ll often want to customize the behavior of your searches, especially when using FREETEXT. To do that we ll need to looking at customizing the thesaurus and stopwords.
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ward through the journal history. These methods are provided both here and at the
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Pressing the Home button will take you out of any application program and bring you back to your Home screen. TIP: Double-tapping your Home button can be set to do different things, such as starting the iPad function, Search, or more (see how to configure this in the section below).
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So you re now looking at a screen that contains the results from two commands. I want you to put those two commands into a script file. Name it Test.ps1 or something simple. Before you run the script, though, copy those two commands onto the clipboard. In the ISE, you can highlight both lines of text and press Ctrl-C to get them into the clipboard. With those commands in the clipboard, go to the PowerShell console host and press Enter. That will paste the commands from the clipboard into the shell. They
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Talk Time (Talking on the phone or using FaceTime video chat)
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Concurrent Blocks
The poker.dll assembly is logically divided into data and logic layers. We ll add the data layer, containing the Bank class, in the next chapter. The MsgLog class is just a utility class for logging errors and warnings in the Windows event log.
private string _pageTitle = Page Title ; public string PageTitle { get { return _pageTitle; } set { _pageTitle = value; } }
Once again, let s pull this program apart, function by function, and see what s going on. The first function in our tour is areIntsDifferent():
Collecting ink drawings
One of the more powerful aspects of web UI development is the declarative model with which it s designed. XAML brings the best of declarative user interface definitions from web development and combines it with an application rather than document focused architecture. XAML is nothing more than an XML representation of CLR types. Anything that can be done in XAML can be written using .NET code as well.3 As we discussed in
The nice thing is that you already know how to navigate the guide. Tap any topic to see more information about that topic either another list of subtopics or detailed information. Read the topic, or tap another link to learn more. Tap the button to the right of the screen to back out one level.
Hyperlinks are frequently used to create drillthrough reports. Creating drillthrough reports The same sample report, Territory Sales Drillthrough, also demonstrates how you can add drillthrough features to your reports by setting the hyperlink action to open another report that could show more detailed data for the currently selected item. With RS, you are not restricted to hard-coding the name of the drillthrough report. Again, you can use expressions to evaluate a condition and return the report name. For example, the Territory Sales Drillthrough report evaluates the row grouping scope of the matrix region using the InScope() function. If the user has expanded the Employee row group (to drill down and see the salesperson s data), the sales DESIGNING REPORTS WITH NAVIGATIONAL FEATURES 169
Core Foundation Type
The callback functions themselves are straightforward. A hole in one forwards the message to the GameLayer, where victory is signaled with a sprite overlaid on top of the main layer and a quick vibration of the phone.
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