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Custom CAS policies To test the CAS policies, let s change the Label control in our Web Part so that it prints the name of the current site. Change the Text property so that it looks like this:
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The following simple script will use the text the user typed into a dialog box and search for that term in the Dictionary application. In addition to looking up the result in Dictionary, the script will set the term_definition variable to the definition s text. display dialog "Enter a term to lookup:" default answer "" set term_to_lookup to text returned of result activate application "Dictionary" tell application "System Events" tell process "Dictionary" tell window 1 keystroke term_to_lookup keystroke return
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Layer Linetypes
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How much effort you put into trapping errors really is up to you. You may be writing a script for your own use, or for a limited use, and don t want to turn it into a big production. In this case, you may want to test the script and explain to the user how to write down any error and let you know about it. On the other hand, if you have to distribute the script among many users or worse, to unknown users all over the place you want to take every precaution that no potential error remains untrapped. In the following sections, I will show how to trap errors.
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Contacts Tap to dial from your Contacts list.
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Next we ll define a function to generate an HTML document D. We need more control over the document than we d get with ConvertTo-Html so we can t just use the cmdlet. Serving web pages is a request/response protocol. SendResponse E is a function we ll use to send the response back to the client. Note that these are byte-oriented APIs, so we need to convert the response string to an array of bytes before we can send it. Part of any response is the header that describes the content of the response. The header includes things such as the version of the HTTP protocol being used, the length of the content being sent, the status code of the request, and so on. We ll wrap all of this up into a function called SendHeader F. Now create the listener object and start the web server G. We ll need a buffer H to hold the data the comes from the client, so allocate the buffer and save it in $buffer. Then we begin the request loop I. This is where the first version of PowerShell is limited. Ideally, we d like to wait for events and launch a scriptblock to service each request on its own thread (up to some limit). Unfortunately, that can t be done in version 1 of PowerShell. Instead, we use a simple loop that polls to see if there is anything that needs to be done.
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WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY (object_id, 'IsUserTable') = 1 AND index_id > 1 AND index_id < 255
The programs in this book will all make use of the command line utility template. Basically, a command line utility is a program that runs in a text window, without taking advantage of Mac gadgets like windows, buttons, scroll bars, and the like. Though all those graphical gadgets are fun to work with, and you will eventually want to add them to your programs, the basics of programming are best explained without adding all that complexity. Click the text that says Command Line Utility in the left-hand pane of the New Project window. Then, in the upper-right pane, click the Standard Tool icon. Now click the Choose button.
The Ancestors axis method works exactly like the Descendants method, except instead of searching down the XML tree, it searches up the tree. It offers the same signature and has the same related methods, AncestorsAndSelf and AncestorNodes. Unlike all the other axis methods we ve discussed so far, Ancestors searches for matching elements that are above the current node within the XML tree. So far, we ve learned how to get a list of books within a category element using a combination of Element and Elements, as well as how to get every book within our XML using Descendants. In this section, we re going to learn how we can use Ancestors to get the list of categories that a given book is in. Since the category elements are nested, we ll look to get the full category path for a book in the following form:
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