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A sequence is provided at the start of the processing.
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This is a fairly standard control template. The one thing that is a little special is the AdornedElementPlaceholder. This is sort of like a ContentPresenter it s where the element that has the error will be placed so a red border will be put around whatever has the problem. If we want to create our own say, to put in a blue border, we can define our own template in our own resources.
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Mouse events Event MouseDown MouseEnter MouseHover MouseLeave MouseMove MouseUp MouseWheel Description Event Argument
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MediaStreamSource virtual methods (continued)
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Task 9-16. Adding an Office HTML Placeholder Definition
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If you ve been following along and reading the cmdlet help files, you probably noticed a second type of pipeline input. In addition to ByValue, some cmdlets also accept pipeline input ByPropertyName. This second pipeline input mode is a bit more complicated, but it s also very powerful. The first thing to know is that ByPropertyName mode only works if ByValue mode does not. PowerShell always tries to work with pipeline input ByValue if it can, a process sometimes called pipeline parameter binding ByValue. When ByValue doesn t turn up any opportunities, PowerShell shifts modes and tries pipeline parameter binding ByPropertyName. In this mode, the shell looks at the individual properties of the objects in the pipeline and sees if any of those properties names happen to match the names of parameters on the next cmdlet. (It only looks at parameters that list Accept pipeline input: ByPropertyName in the cmdlets help.) If it finds matches, the values from those properties are assigned to the parameters that have matching names. Let s review this example again:
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You worked with several fascinating technologies in this chapter, most of them open source with very relaxed licenses. I was able to build this demo without having to write too much of my own code. I m a huge advocate of not reinventing what smarter people have already done better than I could. In this chapter, you worked with Three20, SKPSMTP, and various Cocoa Touch technologies. You had the opportunity to work with Core Data and understand the basic objects that are used frequently with the entire Core Data stack. You also took a look at how you can leverage Core Data in order to make your application usable even when you re entirely dependent on Internet connectivity to do anything useful. Adding even subtle offline caching can dramatically increase the sales of your next iPhone app, and your users will appreciate it.
Earlier in the chapter we looked at the important role played by statistics in providing the query optimizer with information on the selectivity of an index and the likely value it therefore has for use in a given query. In addition to maintaining statistics on index selectivity, statistics are created and maintained for nonindexed columns as well. In this section we ll take a further look at index statistics and introduce column statistics.
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Property mapping overview
Attribute Relationships designer 705 auditing features 380 backups 432 batching 246 BI suite 698 CDC 681 Change Data Capture 754 Change Tracking 754 cmdlets 351 configuring a trace 580 Configuration Manager 440 data containers 221 data profiling 710 data retrieval methods 161 dependency tracking 387 Developer Edition 365 DMV categories 401 Dynamic Management Functions 590 dynamic management functions 196 Dynamic Management Views 590 enabling auditing 366 Enterprise Edition 340, 451 full-text search 199 limit on number of connections 262 MERGE 214, 242 Merge command 753 new audit features 365 new features 226, 685 Optimize for Ad Hoc Workloads 598 599 Performance Data Warehouse 592 PowerShell 348, 353 productivity features 233 public packages 623 624 query processor 429 Reporting Services 642 sample database 225 single write request 610 SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Utility 256 SP1 452 Standard Edition 463 stoplists 189 stopwords 189, 191 stored procedures 221 TABLE data type 222 table partitioning 413 table valued parameters 598 three-tier distributed application 297
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