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We will add this control to the MyAlbumEditor application in two parts. First we will create and initialize the contents of the control, and then we will support the addition of new photographers by hand.
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create procedure uspGetRolesAndPeople as SELECT * FROM Person SELECT * FROM Role
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[ <AdditionOperatorToken> <multiplyExpressionRule> ]* <multiplyExpressionRule> = <formatExpressionRule> [ <MultiplyOperatorToken> <formatExpressionRule> ] <formatExpressionRule> = <rangeExpressionRule> [ <FormatOperatorToken> <rangeExpressionRule> ]* <rangeExpressionRule> = <arrayLiteralRule> [ <RangeOperatorToken> <arrayLiteralRule> ]* <arrayLiteralRule> = <postfixOperatorRule> [ <CommaToken> <postfixOperatorRule> ]* <postfixOperatorRule> = <lvalueExpression> <PrePostfixOperatorToken> | <propertyOrArrayReferenceRule> <propertyOrArrayReferenceRule> = <valueRule> <propertyOrArrayReferenceOperator>* <propertyOrArrayReferenceOperator> = '[' <expressionRule> ']' ] | '.' [ <PropertyNameToken> <parseCallRule>{0|1} | valueRule> ] <parseCallRule> = '(' <arrayLiteralRule> ')'
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Figure 1-15. A pretty decent fire effect, all things considered
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firstPress: LINQ to XML
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+ (id) arrayWithCapacity: (unsigned) numItems;
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Shredding is the process of converting XML documents to relational format viewing your XML data as if it were a relational table. SQL Server provides two options for shredding XML data. The first, simplest option takes advantage of the xml data type .nodes() method. This method accepts an XPath-style path expression and returns a rowset consisting of xml data type values. The example in listing 12 shows how to use the .nodes() method to shred your XML data. The results are shown in figure 7.
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Determining Your Windows or Mac Computer Operating System Version
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Figure 11.6 What the PowerShell graphics process viewer form looks like. Clicking on any of the buttons will cause the data to be refreshed and sorted based on the property named by the button.
CHAPTER 3: What s Next
1. Launch the Site Stager, and log on as the site manager. 2. Select Start. 3. Select User Roles (Site Manager). 4. Select Stage-As (In Subscribers, User Roles); view Properties. 5. Rename [New Rights Group] to Stage-As (Subscribers). 6. Select Modify on the Group Members tab of the Stage-As Properties dialog box. 7. Select the domain in the Modify Members Stage-As dialog box. 8. Select Users group in the Modify Members Stage-As dialog box; select Members. 9. Select your account in the NT Group Members dialog box and verify your selection. 10. Save changes, and exit Site Stager.
If the data field that s coming back is one of your identifier s columns, you need to mark it with the correct identifier name. In our example, this is the ProductId field.
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