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The basics of unit testing
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2009-09-17 23:35:37.677 ExceptionCity[18016:813] the object is <NSObject: 0x1756c0> objc[18016]: FREED(id): message respondsToSelector: sent to freed object=0x1756c0 Program received signal: "EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION".
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Dim people = New PeopleDataContext( _ "Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=PeopleFromCode;Integrated Security=True") If people.DatabaseExists() Then people.DeleteDatabase() End If people.CreateDatabase()
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The Mac OS X architecture
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TIP: To make the slider move more slowly (i.e., to fine-tune it), drag your finger down the screen. This is called the scrubbing rate.
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Figure 6.5 A typical inheritance hierarchy that we d like to test includes an abstract class and classes that derive from it.
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We need to do one last thing in this chapter before we can move on: download all the sample projects that go along with this book. You ll find them all on the Apress web site. This URL will take you to the main web page for Learn C on the Mac:
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PS (1) > Update-TypeData ./ComWrappers.ps1xml PS (2) > $in = new-object -com WindowsInstaller.Installer PS (3) > $in | gm TypeName: System.__ComObject Name ---CreateObjRef Equals GetHashCode GetLifetimeService GetType InitializeLifetimeService ToString GetProperty InvokeMethod InvokeParamProperty SetProperty MemberType ---------Method Method Method Method Method Method Method ScriptMethod ScriptMethod ScriptMethod ScriptMethod Definition ---------System.Runtime.Re... System.Boolean Eq... System.Int32 GetH... System.Object Get... System.Type GetTy... System.Object Ini... System.String ToS... System.Object Get... System.Object Inv... System.Object Inv... System.Object Set...
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This program declares myInt to be of type int and sets the value of myInt to 5. Next, we use the if statement to test whether myInt is equal to 0. If myInt is equal to 0 (which we know is not true), we ll print one string. Otherwise, we ll print a different string. As expected, this program prints the string "myInt is not equal to zero".
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The idea behind the logging system is that instead of collecting all the messages into a long string and writing the whole thing to a file at the end, the script constantly writes the latest information to the end of the file. This way, if the script gets an error, you can pinpoint the error location in the script. You can make the log as detailed as you want by calling the handler from more areas in your script. The handler really is pretty simple. It receives a message to add to the log and adds it along with the date and time.
Using the redirection operators we talked about in chapter 5, we can change this. We could redirect the error messages to a file:
Step 2 Download and unpackage Blogapps server. Download the latest version from the Blogapps project home page on Java.NET(http://Blogapps.dev. java.net). Unpackage the downloaded file into a directory on your computer and make sure that the directory s name and path do not include any spaces.
Performing more than one operation at once provides a valuable facility to a program, but it also increases the complexity of the programming task.
Extending LINQ
The Alert Criteria Tab
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