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to copy highlighted, just touch the Copy tab at the top of the screen. The tab will turn blue, indicating that the text is on the clipboard. NOTE: If you have previously cut or copied text, then you will also see the Paste option, as shown.
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Properties are implemented by accessor methods that get and set a value in the receiver. Since they are implemented using methods, subclasses can override those methods, essentially overriding the property. Overriding a property s accessor methods can be done informally or formally. To do it informally, simply override the appropriate accessor method. To override the setter method implied by @property int tag, just implement a new -(void)setTag:(int)newTag method in your subclass. It doesn t even have to be declared in the subclass s @interface. To formally override a property, declare a duplicate @property directive in the subclass. The @property directive must be identical to the one in the superclass with one exception: a subclass can declare a property as readwrite when the superclass s property is readonly. This supports the design pattern of a mutable subclass of an immutable superclass. Once declared, the @synthesize directive can be used to reimplement the accessor methods for the subclass or you can implement them yourself.
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TextBlock DataContext
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Integrating with the browser
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There s one more change you have to make to SKPSMTPMessage that isn t as straightforward to understand without a brief explanation, so I ll talk about that here. The SKPSMTPMessage class includes a multitude of sources such as NSOutputStream, NSInputStream, and NSTimer that work just fine in a main thread but require slightly more configuration in a secondary thread. The reason for that is most of the time there is an object that works behind the scenes that manages these input sources for you without you even knowing. It all happens automagically if you create your application with one of Xcode s sample templates and an instance of UIApplication is created for you. That magic object is known as NSRunLoop. When you manage secondary threads with input sources and instances of NSTimer, you need to create your own NSRunLoop, and you need to run it periodically to check for events. NSTimers that get fired off without a properly configured NSRunLoop will never work. So, in order to make this work, I simply created an NSRunLoop that runs in a loop and processes the input sources until the thread exits:
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LinqBooksDataContext context = new LinqBooksDataContext(); var bookParam = Expression.Parameter(typeof(Book), "book"); var query = context.Books.Where<Book>(Expression.Lambda<Func<Book, bool>> (Expression.GreaterThan(
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Listing 5.18 shows a test that makes sure Presenter writes to a log upon getting an event from our stub. It also uses a class called EventRaiser, which triggers the event from the interface.
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A short description of the item A long description of the item Formats characters as code within other text Multiline section of code usually used in an <example> section An example of using a class or method The exceptions a class throws A list of items Describes a parameter to a member function A reference to a parameter in other text The permission applied to a member The return value of a function A link to a member or field in the current compilation environment A link in the see also section of the documentation Describes the value of a property
Listing 20.2 Using the MarkerReached event to show a caption on a MediaElement XAML:
Sync with iPhoto (for Mac users): If you use a Mac computer, your iPad will most likely sync automatically with iPhoto. Here are a few steps to get iPhoto sync up and running: 1. 2. 3. Connect your iPad and start iTunes. Go to the Photo tab along the top row of Sync Options. Choose the Albums, Events, Faces, or Places you want to keep in sync with the iPad.
parameters.SetConsumerSchema(pdc); _parameters = parameters; }
A report session is a configurable time period within which the Report Server can serve subsequent report requests from the same client and for the same report from the cached report IF. A report session is always associated with exactly one client. In this respect, .NET developers can relate report sessions to ASP.NET sessions. However, the Report Server doesn t use ASP.NET sessions at all.
The other thing you can do in the Apps tab is transfer files between your computer and your iPad. TIP: Some apps, such as GoodReader, come with wireless methods to transfer and share files. Check out the GoodReader section in 23 New Media, for more information.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.SpListFilterWebPart
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