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Abridged result set of query in listing 6
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Figure 19 5. View or download content
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for these two calls, valueForKey: looks for -name and -make. If there is no getter method, it looks inside the object for an instance variable named _key or key. If we had not supplied accessor methods via @synthesize, valueForKey would look for the instance variables _name and name or _make and make. That last bit is huge: -valueForKey uses the metadata in the Objective-C runtime to crack open objects and poke inside them looking for interesting information. You can t really do this kind of stuff in C or C++. By using KVC, you can get values where there are no getter methods and without having to access an instance variable directly via an object pointer. The same technique works for the model year:
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The new LongSum operator we ve just created in listing 12.2 returns the numerical sum of a sequence of ints or nullable ints as a long or nullable long. This gives more range for the results compared to the default Sum operator. This demonstrates how you can improve your LINQ experience with query operators that work the way they should, or at least the way you want them to work. This kind of extensibility ensures that you are not stuck with a static predefined set of operators. The example we ve just seen shows how to fix a problem with a standard query operator. But this isn t the only way we can extend LINQ to solve a problem or to improve our code. Creating custom query operators can be useful in other situations, as you ll see next.
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Listing 5.16 Complete version of the ConditionalQuery method that tests for the provided criteria
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SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person WHERE (LastName LIKE 'A[a-f]%')
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Because new templates and library scripts are being added periodically, you may want to check FaceSpan s downloads web page (www.FaceSpan.com) to make sure you have all the latest treats. You can also find the completed projects described in the following tutorials on the downloads page.
Using SmileLab
Listing 2.3 Our DisplayProcesses method using the var keyword (UsingVar.csproj)
In this chapter, we re attempting to pull back the covers and expose the core of LINQ to SQL. So far, we ve peeled back the outer layer by exploring the mapping options. We have to get through some more layers before we can truly understand LINQ. One of the layers we can pull back relatively easily is the query expressions. Since the LINQ querying functionality is built around extending types that implement IEnumerable<T>, all we need is for our EntitySets and Tables to implement IEnumerable<T>. Naturally, EntitySet<T> and Table<T> do implement IEnumerable<T>. However, if that were as far as they went, all of the querying functionality would be performed on the client, including filtering and sorting. We need a way to advance to a more specialized implementation if we want to translate our expressions to the server. Enter an interface that extends the IEnumerable<T> model called IQueryable<T>.
CHAPTER 9: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, & More
Figure 6-2. How to add a framework to your Xcode project
.NET Table 11.2 TabPage class
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