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.NET does have an isolation mechanism: you can divide code into so-called appdomains. But this adds its own complications and is designed for slightly more coarse-grained divisions, and it s really not well suited to this problem. ASP.NET can use this to isolate multiple web applications sharing a process, but does not use it to isolate individual requests.
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Response.Redirect("Purchase.aspx") End Sub
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You didn t explicitly define a visibility policy for the cat membership. It was set to ANYON, which is the default value.
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public aspect SecurityAspect { private String TestPrecedence._id = "SecurityAspect:id";
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12.3.3 Is it worth it
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The code in the recipe sets the username, password, and authentication mechanism for the client application. This information is passed to the container when the client attempts to look up or use a bean. The credentials are compared to a specific bean s security requirements to determine whether the client has enough privileges to use the bean. Additionally, beans can programmatically retrieve this information for use in method implementations to make flow decisions.
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public interface CaveatEmptorFacade extends javax.ejb.EJBObject { public Bid bidForItem(Long userId, Long itemId, BigDecimal bidAmount) throws RemoteException; }
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Although BLOBs, Table storage, and SQL Azure can be accessed by all instances of a role, the convenience of centralized storage mechanisms comes at a cost: latency. Those other, nonvolatile storage areas are all hosted on separate servers in another part of the data center, whereas local storage is part of your VM. Because the disks are hosted on the same server as your VM, local storage is much faster than the other storage mechanisms. BLOBs, Table storage, and SQL Azure are suitable for most scenarios, but if you re processing high volumes of data, you might want to use local storage to temporarily cache that data. Let s look at how to set that up.
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A.11.3 Table-per-concrete-class strategy: any
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304 | 11: Security
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Listing 7.1
In EJB 2 CMP entity beans, almost every vendor supported their own way of using SQL to perform queries. The many limitations in EJBQL were the primary driver for the vendor-specific extension for native SQL in EJB 2. Although JPA standardizes use of native SQL queries you should think twice about using native SQL in your applications, unless you are very proficient in SQL and you are trying to take advantage of the proprietary features of your database. Also keep in mind that the use of native SQL will make your applications less portable, if you decide to change your underlying database.
Increasingly, we re going to assume that you re doing work through Interface Builder and using appropriate templates, but the same methods for object creation that we learned in the last couple of chapters remain available for all objects.
Each plane has an identifier which is just a string of letters and numbers. We ve already seen a built-in type ideal for representing this kind of data: string. So, we can add a property called Identifier, of type string, as Example 3-2 shows.
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