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So, for example, part of the member s details (the Context) will be her membership tier. Suppose it is Silver. This information will be stored in the state variable in the Context, and when she flies, a 25 percent bonus will be added to the miles she accumulates.
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Accessing Lucene natively
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Figure 11.3 The collager displays many photos simultaneously.
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if (GetMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0)) { /* ----- WM_QUIT means it's time to exit the program. */ if (msg.message == WM_QUIT) done = true; /* ----- Send the message to the right window. */ TranslateMessage(&msg); DispatchMessage(&msg); } }
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Java SE/ME/EE and JDK/JRE: three editions, two audiences
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string s3 = string.Concat(s1,s2);
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As a first shortcut, we can safely return a grayscale point if the saturation is 0. If it isn t, the hue is recalculated (from degrees) to indicate into which of the six 60 degree arcs of the color circle the color falls. Then $f (for fraction) is calculated, which expresses the position of the color inside this particular arc, and int($h) tells us which of the six arcs is involved. Three values are calculated that can be used to express parts of the coordinates in RGB space. To determine which part they represent, we need to know which of the six arcs the color falls in. The for statement takes care of that.
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Note that the listing also uses the /Lang entry to indicate that it s using the English title.
It s a best practice to move your entire configuration file-reading code from wherever it s sprinkled into a ConfigurationManager class of your own design. Many people use the term service instead of manager, but we think that the term service is too overloaded and that manager is just as clear. Moving your code centralizes all the code that knows how to read the configuration in one place, making it easier to maintain. More importantly, it removes the complexity of reading the configuration from the relying code, which illustrates the principle of separation of concerns. Moving the code to a centralized location also makes it easier to mock out the implementation of the ConfigurationManager class for easier testing purposes (see figure 3.6). Over time, when the APIs for accessing configuration change or if the location of your configuration changes, you ll have only one place to go to make the changes you need. Reading configuration data in this manner might look familiar to you. You ve probably done this for your current applications, reading in the settings stored in a web.config or an app.config file. When migrating an existing application to Azure, you might be tempted to keep the configuration settings where they are. Although keeping them in place reduces the amount of change to your code as you migrate it to Azure, it does come at a cost. Unfortunately, the configuration files that are part of your roles are frozen and are read-only at runtime; you can t make changes to them after your package is deployed. If you want to change settings at runtime, you ll need to store those settings in the .cscfg file. Then, when you want to make a change, you only have to upload a new .cscfg file or click Configure on the service management page in the portal. The FC takes these configuration files and builds a sophisticated service model that it uses to manage your service. At this time, there are about three different core model templates that all other service models inherit from. Over time, Azure will expose more of the service model to the developer, so that you can have more fine-grained control over the platform your service is running on.
// ** Part 1 is in listing 6.6 For each function build() : Node[] { list item for(i in [0..<sizeof content]) { var t:Text; var r:Rectangle; def g = Group { Hidden sizing content: [ rectangle Rectangle { width: bind cellWidth; height: bind cellHeight; opacity: 0.0; List }, rectangle r = Rectangle { x:border; y:border; width: bind cellWidth-border*2; height: bind cellHeight-border*2; arcWidth:20; arcHeight:20; fill: background; onMouseExited: function(ev:MouseEvent) { anim(r,background); }; onMouseEntered: function(ev:MouseEvent) { r.fill = backgroundHover; }
select new StrongShoppingCartItem { SelectedShirt = new Shirt {PartitionKey="Shirts", RowKey=shoppingCartItem.ShirtName, Description=shoppingCartItem.ShirtDescription, Price=shoppingCartItem.Price}, Material = material, Size = sizeType };
The Life of a Project |
Getting started
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Limit the number of targeted classes. Limit the number of clauses in your Lucene query. Use pagination to limit the number of objects loaded. Use criteria to define the fetching strategy. Use projection.
Test coverage is the percentage of your code covered by tests. In this case, it s the unit
The debug switch generates an enormous amount of output. A good compromise is the verbose switch, which outputs more than the default informational level of output, but less than the debugging output.
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