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There s nothing new in B and D, but let s take a look at C. You grab a direct content layer using the method getOverContent(). You try adding a paragraph with the movie information to a rectangle obtained with the getFieldPositions() method. First you try a 12 pt font size, and you add the content using ColumnText in simulation mode. If the paragraph doesn t fit, you try with font size 11.8 pt, and so on. You continue until the complete text fits the rectangle, or until the font has decreased to 6 pt (in which case you truncate the content). The getFieldPositions() method returns a List of FieldPosition objects. Each contains the page number (, and the Rectangle object defining the coordinates of a widget (f.position). With this example, we ve explored the limits of what is possible with AcroForms. It s time to have a look at the other type of forms supported in PDF: forms based on the XML Forms Architecture.
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If you search through the .NET Framework class libraries, you ll find a great many attributes. Some attributes can be applied to an assembly, others to a class or interface, and some, such as [XmlIgnore], are applied to properties and fields. Most attributes make sense only when applied to certain things the XmlIgnore attribute cannot usefully be applied to a method, for example, because methods cannot be serialized to XML. So each attribute type declares its attribute targets using the AttributeTargets enumeration. Most of the entries in this enumeration are self-explanatory, but since a few are not entirely obvious, Table 17-1 shows a complete list.
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Size of the data indexed Index strategy used Database access and performance Network performance Input/output performance
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TFS Administration Console with a default team project collection
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In a basic Android application, you create Activity classes and move from screen to screen using Intent calls, as we ve done in previous chapters. This approach works for the canonical Android screen-to-screen foreground application, but it doesn t work for cases like ours where we want to always listen for changes in the weather, even if
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</class> <class entity-name="UserEntity" table="USER_ENTITY"> <id name="id" type="long" column="USER_ID"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <property name="username" type="string" column="USERNAME"/> <bag name="itemsForSale" inverse="true" cascade="all"> <key column="USER_ID"/> <one-to-many entity-name="ItemEntity"/> </bag> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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ITEM ITEM_ID 1 2 3 NAME Foo Bar Baz INITIAL_PRICE 2.00 50.00 1.00 BID BID_ID 1 2 3 ITEM_ID 1 1 2 AMOUNT 10.00 20.00 55.50
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package com.ctimn; import java.util.*; import org.xml.sax.*; public class XMLHandler implements DocumentHandler { private XMLClient app; private String customerId; public XMLHandler(XMLClient client){ app = client; }
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It is with even more sadness that I must inform you of .NET s lack of raw printer support. Although a DLL is included with Windows that enables this direct printing method, a managed .NET wrapper for it does not ship with the framework. You, and other overburdened programmers everywhere, must take up the charge yourselves. Well, it s not all that bad. Microsoft and other developers have published code that maps the unmanaged DLL calls to managed equivalents. We ll be using a variation of some of this code in the Library Project in this chapter to support the printing of checkout slips, paper receipts that let a patron know which items were just checked out and when they are all due back.
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Solution to Question 17-5. Here is how to call a delegated method:
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