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Unfortunately, if you attempt to access configuration settings outside the Windows Azure fabric using the RoleEnvironment.GetConfigurationSettingValue method, a very large, nasty exception will be thrown. The reason is that the GetConfigurationSettingValue method is a Windows Azure only method that isn t supported in standard .NET applications. You can get around this issue by performing a check to see whether you re running in Azure using the RoleEnvironment.IsAvailable property, as shown in the following code:
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17.2.4 Checking for movement
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Making documents interactive
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Listing 3.7 shows our more generic implementation of the relation to XML conversion process.
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Visual Studio offers two ways to build ASP.NET applications. This isn t just a case of two different menu items for the same feature the two options work quite differently in ways Visual Studio doesn t make especially obvious at the point where you make the decision. You can use the New Project dialog, which offers various ASP.NET project templates under the Visual C# Web section, which produce various kinds of web application projects. Alternatively, you can choose File New Web Site from the main menu, and this lets you create various kinds of website projects. Web application projects are fully fledged Visual Studio projects that are built in much the same way as other kinds of projects such as libraries, console applications, or WPF applications. Website projects are somewhat more lightweight there s no .csproj file to represent the project, nor do you need to build the project; your project consists of nothing but source files and you end up copying these to the web server. For this chapter, we ll use a web application project because it s the most similar to all the other project types we ve looked at in this book. To create the simple web form that we will use in the next example, start up Visual Studio .NET and select File New Project. In the New Project dialog, select the Visual C# Web templates and choose ASP.NET Empty Web Application from the templates. As the template name suggests, Visual Studio creates a web application with no pages. It contains a Web.config file to hold website configuration settings, but nothing else. To add a web form, select Project Add New Item and choose Visual C# Web from the templates list on the left. Select the Web Form template, and call it HelloWeb.aspx. Visual Studio creates a HelloWeb.aspx.cs code-behind file as part of the web
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Table 4.7 With touches and gestures, you can recognize iPhone touchscreen events. Event Summary A finger touches the iPhone. A finger moves across the iPhone. A finger leaves the iPhone. The system cancels a touch. Two or more fingers touch the iPhone. Fingers are moved during a gesture. There are one or less fingers left on the iPhone.
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Setting up a source control system
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public @interface TableGenerator { String name(); String table() default ""; String catalog() default ""; String schema() default ""; String pkColumnName() default ""; String valueColumnName() default ""; String pkColumnValue() default ""; int initialValue() default 0; int allocationSize() default 50; UniqueConstraint[] uniqueConstraints() default { }; }
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Listing 9.10 Double-combo HTML markup listing
This pattern is used to capture an object s internal state and save it externally so that it can be restored later.
Working with objects
During the build, Ant compiles production code to the build/classes directory. To separate test and production code, all test-generated artifacts go into build/test, with classes into build/test/classes. The other products of the testing process will be result data and reports generated from that data. Figure 4.3 shows the relevant structure of our project directory tree.
Rotated images, wrapped in Chunk objects
Returns the primary key
Making the association bidirectional
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