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As soon as you pass the Samples.IComparable interface to the registerClass B method, all the methods defined in the interface are copied in the prototype object of the Temperature constructor. If you forget to specify the interface type, the runtime doesn t raise an error, but the interface isn t recognized as being implemented by the Temperature class. Together with interfaces, enumerations are a feature supported by many object-oriented languages. Because JavaScript doesn t support them, let s see how you can fill this gap using the Microsoft Ajax Library.
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@StartLifecycleCallback function openConnection(){ ... } @StopLifecycleCallback function closeConnection() { ... }
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session bean allows you to avoid rollbacks and gracefully handle errors in a consistent manner.
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In this chapter, we explored half the session bean story: the stateless session bean. We identified the implications of handling threads and using thread primitives in an EJB container. We discussed how the EJB architecture impacts your existing exception handling strategies; we examined the performance and scalability of Page-by-Page Iterator implementations; and we outlined options for interoperating safely and efficiently in heterogeneous environments. In the next chapter, we ll dive into a traditional problem child of the EJB specification the stateful session bean. In addition, we ll cover many state management techniques at your disposal, considering when each should be applied.
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Use the Project Add New Item menu command to add a new Report item. Figure 21-2 shows the item report in the Add New Item dialog. Make sure you choose Report and not Crystal Report from the list.
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Sending an email message asynchronously
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Taming wild EJBs: performance and scalability
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After the wizard
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@Target({METHOD, FIELD}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Transient {}
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To accommodate the various types of properties, we have defined a number of rendering methods, the implementation of which is too detailed to reproduce in full here. Source code for the entire ObjectViewer can be downloaded from the website that accompanies this book. We now have a fairly complete way of viewing our domain model automatically. To make the domain model objects visible, all that we need to do is to assign objViewSpec properties to their prototypes. The Planet object backing the view shown in figure 4.7, for example, has the following statement in the constructor:
First steps with the Microsoft Ajax Library
In table 10.2, you ll find some image types that don t map directly to an image type in table 10.1. For instance, what do we mean when we talk about a raw image
Building the EJB JAR file by using <ejbjar>:
16.5.1 Understanding different kinds of tests
In particular, we re thinking of these problems in the context of an object-oriented application that uses a domain model. An application with a domain model doesn t work directly with the tabular representation of the business entities; the application has its own, object-oriented model of the business entities. If the database has ITEM and BID tables, the Java application defines Item and Bid classes. Then, instead of directly working with the rows and columns of an SQL result set, the business logic interacts with this object-oriented domain model and its runtime realization as a graph of interconnected objects. The business logic is never executed in the database (as an SQL stored procedure), it s implemented in Java. This allows business logic to make use of sophisticated object-oriented concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism. For example, we could use wellknown design patterns such as Strategy, Mediator, and Composite [GOF 1995], all of which depend on polymorphic method calls. Now a caveat: Not all Java applications are designed this way, nor should they be. Simple applications might be much better off without a domain model. SQL and the JDBC API are perfectly serviceable for dealing with pure tabular data, and the new JDBC RowSet (Sun JCP, JSR 114) makes CRUD operations even easier. Working with a tabular representation of persistent data is straightforward and well understood. However, in the case of applications with nontrivial business logic, the domain model helps to improve code reuse and maintainability significantly. We focus on applications with a domain model in this book, since Hibernate and ORM in general are most relevant to this kind of application.
This example begins by reading in XML from a file B. The result is a lot more pleasing than trying to read raw text, as in the thumbnail example earlier in this chapter, so we suggest encoding simple preference files as XML in the future. Because we designed a simple XML format, where the information is encoded as attributes, you have to watch only one delegate method, didStartElement: C. Here you add the information to rssList, an NSMutableArray, for use later. The only other thing you have to do with your XML parser is clean it up when you ve finished D. The next few functions are standard table view work, because you define the sections, rows, and cells using the rssList array you created. Finally, you define what happens when the user selects a row E, and that s to call up a brand-new type of object, the rssViewController.
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