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Managing system concerns
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Controls, charts, and storage
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[11] James D. Murray. The graphics file format FAQ. http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~mxr/gfx/
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Solution to Question 12-4. The compiler interprets the statement as a call to the method:
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5.2 Handling transaction management without the container 5.14 Starting a transaction in the client layer
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Because the code is almost identical to the code in listing 19.1, we won t discuss it in detail. The main thing to notice is that you overwrite the inputView method. Just as you did for the custom accessory, you create the toolbar, add the items, and return it. Figure 19.4 shows what this looks like on the device with some additional emoticons. The ability to add a custom keyboard is useful and opens up a range of interesting possibilities. For example, an application could use a custom input view to enter characters from a previously unsupported alphabet type. Note that you don t even have to stick to a traditional view for a keyboard because the custom keyboard can be any view, it can look however you want. In the next section, we ll wrap up by discussing some of the up-and-coming SDK improvements brought on by the iPhone 4.0 OS.
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Take a look at the code used to produce the columns shown in figure 3.11.
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Not a Number
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Basic Query Expressions |
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Creating XML Documents
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cfg.setProperty("hibernate.search.com.manning .hsia.ch11.Furniture.indexName", "Animal"); } }
The @Stateless annotation marks the BidManagerBean POJO as a stateless session bean. Believe it or not, other than marking a POJO for the purposes of making the container aware of its purpose, the annotation does not do much else. The specification of the @Stateless annotation is as follows:
<project name="build.xml" default="build"> Properties
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