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The class Category (in the auction.model package) is mapped to the CATEGORY table. Every row in this table represents one instance of type Category. We haven t discussed the concept of object identity, so you may be surprised by this mapping element. This complex topic is covered in the next chapter. To understand this mapping, it s sufficient to know that every row in the CATEGORY table has a primary key value that matches the object identity of the instance in memory. The <id> mapping element is used to define the details of object identity. The property name of type java.lang.String is mapped to a database NAME column. Note that the type declared in the mapping is a built-in Hibernate type (string), not the type of the Java property or the SQL column type. Think about this as the converter that represents a bridge between the other two type systems. We ve intentionally left the collection and association mappings out of this example. Association and especially collection mappings are more complex, so we ll return to them in the second part of the book. Although it s possible to declare mappings for multiple classes in one mapping file by using multiple <class> elements, the recommended practice (and the practice expected by some Hibernate tools) is to use one mapping file per persistent class. The convention is to give the file the same name as the mapped class, appending a suffix (for example, Category.hbm.xml), and putting it in the same package as the Category class. As already mentioned, XML mapping files aren t the only way to define mapping metadata in a Hibernate application. If you use JDK 5.0, your best choice is the Hibernate Annotations based on the EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence standard.
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<dao interface= "org.apache.ibatis.jgamestore.persistence.iface.ProductDao" implementation= "org.apache.ibatis.jgamestore.persistence.sqlmapdao.ProductSqlMapDao"/>
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Example 6-3. Builder pattern example code (continued)
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E Properties
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Client Responses (html, xml, etc) Outbound Filters JSPs
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These selectors can be combined inside selector containers to provide grouping and logic. The containers are <and>, <or>, <not>, <none>, and <majority>. Containers may be nested inside containers, allowing for the construction of complex selection logic. Rather than detailing every available selector, container, and their options, we refer you to Ant s documentation for this information. We will, however, provide a couple of examples showing how selectors work. To compare two directory trees and copy the files that exist in one tree but not another we use a combination of <not> and <present>:
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Starting an M SBuild script w ith Visual Studio
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By softening the exception, we can compile the code without errors. When we run the program, we see a call stack due to a thrown SoftException:
Playing audio from the iPod library
if (typeof(MyObject.someProperty) != "undefined"){
android.permission.READ_SMS android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS android.permission.SEND_SMS android.permission.WRITE_SMS
Figure 14.3 RSS feeds can easily be placed in table views.
<form id="myForm" method="POST" action="" onsubmit="validateForm(); return false;"> <input type="text" name="username"/> <input type="password" name="password"/> <input type="submit" value="login"/> </form>
And let s change the main function so that it does what we want (see Example 4-5).
ActionBazaar started as a two-person Internet operation, Joe and John, the two founders, made a sweet deal with Turtle Shipping Company s founder Dave Turtle. As a part of the deal, Joe and John agreed to ship with Turtle for a few years. As soon as a user places an order for an ActionBazaar Special, a shipping request is sent to the Turtle system via a business-to-business (B2B) connection, as shown in figure 4.2. The order confirmation page loads only after Turtle confirms receipt. Now that the number of ActionBazaar customers has gone through the roof, the slow Turtle servers and B2B connection simply cannot keep up and completing a shipping order takes what seems like forever. To make matters worse, the Turtle server occasionally goes down, causing orders to fail altogether. Taking a closer look at things, we see that we could make the forwarding process of the shipping request asynchronous and solve this problem. Instead of communicating directly with the Turtle server, the ActionBazaar ordering process could send a message containing the shipping request to MOM, as depicted in figure 4.3. As soon as the message is stored in MOM, the order can be confirmed without making the user wait. At a later point in time, the Turtle server could request pending shipping request messages from MOM and process them at its own pace. In this case, the most obvious advantage MOM is offering is an increase in reliability. The reliability stems from not insisting that both the ActionBazaar and Turtle servers be up and running at the same time. Also, the servers are not expected to function at the same processing rate. In the most extreme case, even
Following the steps in Figure 4-5, prepare your connection to the database: 1. Select your server from the Server Name drop-down menu. If it is not there, type the name of the server. Typically, if you are using SQLExpress, the name will be .\SqlExpress (dot-slash then SqlExpress) and if you are using SQL Server it will be the name of your computer, or it will be (local) including the parentheses. 2. Leave the radio button set to Use Windows Authentication.
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You can order by any column of the collection table. Internally, Hibernate uses a LinkedHashMap, a variation of a map that preserves the insertion order of key elements. In other words, the order that Hibernate uses to add the elements to the collection, during loading of the collection, is the iteration order you see in your application. The same can be done with a set: Hibernate internally uses a LinkedHashSet. In your Java class, the property is a regular Set/HashSet, but Hibernate s internal wrapping with a LinkedHashSet is again enabled with the order-by attribute:
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