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Apply histogram equalization to an image. Also see Normalize.
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Listing 6.12 Manually updating a page by calling its Update method
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The basic building block of queries is the term query. One of the first operations carried out by any class that extends the Query class is to reduce a given query to the simplest form possible via the rewrite method. The vast majority of queries can almost always be broken down into one or more series of term queries utilizing the QueryParser syntax you learned throughout section 7.1. For example, a PrefixQuery will be rewritten into a BooleanQuery that consists of TermQuerys. We ll show this happening in the section on the PrefixQuery, which comes along shortly. We used the TermQuery in listing 7.3, but we ll take the time to explain it a little further here. Let s look at an example of a basic TermQuery in listing 7.5.
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The expressions used in the SELECT clause have to be single value. In other words, you cannot have a collection-value path expression in the clause. The path expressions can be an association field, as in the previous example, where c.createdBy is an association field of the Category entity. The previous query may return duplicate entities. If you want the result not to contain duplicate data, use the DISTINCT keyword in this way:
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@Entity @SqlResultSetMapping(name="customerAndCreditCardMapping", entities={@EntityResult(entityClass=Customer.class), @EntityResult(entityClass=CreditCard.class, fields={@FieldResult(name="id", column="CC_ID"), @FieldResult(name="number",
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14.3.1 Line characteristics
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Let s step through the implementation of a TypeHandlerCallback. For the purposes of this example, let s assume we have a database that uses the words YES and NO to represent boolean values (i.e., true and false, respectively). Table 12.2 shows this example.
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716 | Appendix I: Interceptors: TV Channel Service Example
If a database doesn t exist, the open command will automatically create it. However, this command won t actually create tables in the database, which you must do by hand.
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