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All of this suggests a simple methodology for detecting basic accelerometer movement: you monitor the accelerometer over the course of movement, saving the largest acceleration in each direction. When the movement has ended, you can report the largest acceleration as the direction of movement. Listing 10.1 puts these lessons together in a program that could easily be used to report the direction of the device s movement (which you could then use to take some action).
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column Used to define column mapping for a persistence field. It is equivalent to the @Column annotation.
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//--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Required Implementations ------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Logs status out at INFO-level * @see org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch08.statusupdate.mdb.StatusUpdateBeanBase #updateStatus(org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch08.statusupdate.api.StatusUpdate) */ @Override public void updateStatus(final StatusUpdate newStatus) throws IllegalArgument Exception, Exception { // Precondition checks if (newStatus == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("status must be specified"); } // Get info final String status = newStatus.getText(); // Log"New status received: \"" + status + "\"");
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Once Visual Studio has created the project, it shows a file called MainPage.xaml. This is a Xaml file defining the appearance and layout of your user interface. Initially, it contains just a couple of elements: a <UserControl> at the root (or a <Window> in a WPF project), and a <Grid> inside this. We ll add a couple of elements to the user interface so that there s something to interact with. Example 20-1 shows the Xaml you get by default with a new Silverlight project, along with two new elements: a Button and a TextBlock; the additional content is shown in bold.
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To accompany the declarative code, the server-side code calls the same UpdateGenre method used earlier to update the interface. Listing 4.11 shows the codebehind for the Tick event handler.
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Description The background color. Uses a specific or general system color. Use this property, along with the BackgroundImageLayout property, to place a graphic on the background of the form. This is just like the AcceptButton property, but the assigned button is triggered by the Esc key, not the Enter key. This property lets you create a custom shortcut menu that appears when the user right-clicks on the background of the form. ContextMenuStrip refers to a separate control that you add to the form. You hide or show the control box in the upper-left corner of the form through this property setting. Indicates the style of mouse cursor that appears when the mouse is over the form. This property demonstrates one of the many editors that appear within the properties window. If you click the down arrow at the right of the property setting, it displays a graphical list of all included mouse cursors. Click an image to get the one you want. (Other properties include custom editors designed for their type of content.) This list includes only the built-in cursors. You can also modify this property in the form s source code if you need to set the cursor to a custom graphic. This property indicates the type of form to display. The default is Sizable, which lets the user resize the form by dragging the bottom-right corner. If you set this property to None, the form s title bar and borders disappear. You could use this setting for an application s Splash welcome form, which normally has no form border. Sets the graphic displayed in the upper-left corner of the form s border. Enables multiple document interface support on this form. This allows a master form to contain multiple child document forms. Visual Studio itself can display forms and source code windows in the MDI style. If you set this property to True, the form s KeyDown and KeyPress events will get to process any keys entered by the user, even if those keys were destined for a control contained on the form. This is useful when you need to capture keys that apply to the entire form, such as using the F1 key to trigger online help. Sets the top and left positions of the form on the screen. The StartPosition property also impacts the location of the form. Identifies the MenuStrip control to use for the form s main menu. The referenced MenuStrip control is added separately to the form. Indicates whether the maximum box appears in the upper-right corner of the form. This button lets the user show a form in full-screen mode. Indicates whether the minimize box appears in the upper-right corner of the form. This button lets the user send the form to the system task bar. On forms that can be resized, this property indicates the minimum allowed size of the form. The user will not be able to size the form any smaller than this. This property, like some of the others, is a composite property, built by merging two or more other properties. In this case, it is built from distinct Width and Height subproperties. Allows you to specify the level of transparency for a distinct color that appears on the form (set via the TransparencyKey field). Setting this field to 100% means that that color is fully displayed with no transparency; setting it to 0% makes that color fully transparent. You can set this property anywhere from 0% to 100%. Anything that appears behind the form will be partially or completely visible through the transparent portions of this form.
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Persists both User and BillingInfo
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Listing B.6 provides source code for looking up and invoking our BookingAgent example session bean.
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<property name="initialPrice" type="auction.customtypes.MonetaryAmountCompositeUserType"> <column name="INITIAL_PRICE"/> <column name="INITIAL_PRICE_CURRENCY"/> </property>
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We re a small crew of four sailing in the Atlantic. Our eyes are focused on the storm clouds to the south of us. What direction are they moving in and just how strong a storm is brewing I had not checked the weather prediction before leaving. My three companions are inexperienced sailors, but I know enough to be wary. As we watch, the weather front rolls over us and the wind and waves suddenly pick up in force. The boat keels to starboard as we struggle to furl in the headsail. It is now a small triangle fluttering taughtly, but our main is untrimmed and it is overpowering the boat. My inexperienced crew cannot figure out how to take a reef they cannot even identify the reefing sheet. They are moving like tipsy sailors on the heaving deck, and when one of them slips and falls on his knee, the thud makes up my mind: We re going to do what all sailors hate, take down all sails and start up the engine. With a barely audible vroom over the sound of the waves, the engine starts. We breathe easier.
If you want to know the impact of multiplying length by width (set to 8), enter:
For font types, allow for a variety of fallbacks, and make sure they include fonts that are available on the iPhone, as listed in table 3.4.
Figure 5.19 The addition of a ticker can spice up any application. Here, a ticker located at the top of the display is used with the ObtainQuoteMIDlet to display advertisements to the customers.
The obvious next step is to vary that property value; to begin, let s load properties from a file.
This makes extending from Task unnecessary for all practical purposes. The best reason not to do so would be to avoid a dependency on Ant from your class, as well as to keep your own inheritance hierarchy. But if you are going to have a setProject method, you ve already created an Ant dependency. As for the argument of keeping your own inheritance hierarchy, we recommend encapsulating your other Java classes inside a Task subclass; this acts as a wrapper and allows you to change the inner workings of your encapsulated code and keep the task and build file interface unchanged. 19.4.1 Adding an attribute to a task In keeping with our recommendations, here is a basic Ant task that extends from Task. It also demonstrates an optional attribute:
16.6 Summary
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