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The iBATIS framework also allows you to create XML results from mapped statements. When running a mapped statement that returns XML, you get a complete XML document for each returned object. To use this feature, you create a mapped statement that has a result class of xml. Here is a simple example:
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Example C-9. The markup file for Exercise 3-1
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(DTD, or Document Type Definition, is a similar, though older, technology. It s widely support by XML tools, but it is not as flexible as XSD. There are also other schema definition languages similar to XSD, but since XSD is built right into .NET, we ll focus on that.) XSD schemas are every bit as endearing as XSLT scripts. Let s create an XSD for our original sample <productList> XML listed previously. First, we need to change the top of the XML to let it know that an XSD schema file is available. Change this:
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In Perl, you call it in this way:
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Choosing the right CI server
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Alternatively, you can start from Java by writing the service endpoint interface by hand. You can then generate the WSDL and the JAX-RPC mapping file from this interface. Refer to Table 21-1, earlier in this chapter, to determine the schema types that will be mapped from the Java parameters in each method.
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Control } , with class Progress { styleClass: "testClass"; style: "boxSetStroke: white"; minimum: 0; maximum: 100; value: bind val; }
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If you are using named queries, then you can optionally specify the vendorspecific hints using the hints element of @NamedQuery. This element is specified as a name-value pair using the @QueryHint annotation:
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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Getopt::Long; use Image::Magick; my $matrix_file; my $output_type; my $bias; GetOptions( "matrix-file=s" => \$matrix_file, "output-type=s" => \$output_type, "bias=i" => \$bias, ); my $kernel = read_kernel($matrix_file); my ($in_file, $out_file) = @ARGV; $in_file = '-' unless $in_file; $out_file = '-' unless $out_file;
Listing 7.5 Feedback.fx (version 1, part 4)
The PGPLOT module is the Perl interface to the PGPLOT graphics library. It used to be known as pgperl before Perl 5, but changed its name when modules became a possibility. PGPLOT is a high-level graphics package for plotting two-dimensional data sets, functions, histograms, contour maps and images. It is the de facto plotting package for astronomers around the world, and has many applications in other scientific areas. Unfortunately, it seems to be rarely used outside of academic institutes. The PGPLOT library[20] was written by Tim Pearson of the Astronomy department of the California Institute of Technology. It has been in existence for a while and is very stable.11 It is written in Fortran which explains the short function names but also comes with a C-callable interface, which is what the PGPLOT module uses. The Perl interface to the PGPLOT library is provided by Karl Glazebrook, who is also one of the driving forces behind the Perl Data Language (PDL). The source distribution of the PGPLOT library comes with a wealth of examples, spread out over a number of Fortran demo programs. The PGPLOT module distribution also includes example code in the test files. The best way to become acquainted with the API is to read those example programs, while keeping an eye on the user s manual, which is available from the PGPLOT home page (see [20]).
return 0; }
The two main components of the JAXM architecture are the JAXM Client and Provider. The Client is part of the J2EE Web or EJB container that provides access to JAXM services from within your application. The Provider may be implemented in any number of ways and is responsible for sending and receiving SOAP messages. With the infrastructure in place, sending and receiving SOAP messages can be done exclusively through the JAXM API.
Storing and retrieving data in XML format is the subject of much ongoing work with XML. The need for XML storage and retrieval technologies has resulted in the creation of a large number of closely related specifications. In this section, we provide you with a brief overview of these specifications and point you in the direction of more information about each.
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JMS Provider
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