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Drawing paths takes some work, but if you want to draw a rectangle, Quartz makes it easy. All you have to do is use one of a few functions listed in table 13.5. These functions take care of the path creation, drawing, and painting for you in a single step.
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0 1 2 3 No method specified. Do not dispose; the graphic is left as is. Restore to background color. The area used by the graphic is restored to the background color. Restore to previous. The area used by the graphic is restored to what it was before displaying this graphic.
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The aspect declares one pointcut, uiMethodCalls(), as an abstract pointcut. The concrete subaspects must provide a definition for this pointcut that captures all the calls accessing or affecting the Swing components. The threadSafeCalls() pointcut lists the calls to all the methods exempted from the single-thread rule calls to JComponent.repaint(), JComponent.revalidate(), and methods for adding and removing listeners. For the excludedJoinpoints() pointcut, we combine the threadSafeCalls() pointcut with the pointcut capturing all the join points in the aspect itself and those executed in the event-dispatching thread. The latter is achieved by using if(EventQueue.isDispatchThread()). The EventQueue.isDispatchThread() method returns true only if the current execution thread is the event-dispatching thread. We combine the uiMethodCalls() pointcut with the negation of excludedJoinpoints() to capture the join points that need routing of the calls through the event-dispatching thread. In the advice body, we call EventQueue.invokeAndWait() with an anonymous class extending the RunnableWithReturn class. In the run() method, we simply call proceed() to carry out the original operation. The task that this anonymous class performs is similar to the tasks of the classes in listings 6.8 and 6.9 in chapter 6. The invokeAndWait() method makes the request and is blocked until the eventdispatching thread executes the run() method. The event-dispatching thread eventually calls the run() method, resulting in the invocation of the original call, and then unblocks the caller thread. The advice itself assigns the return value of the proceed() statement to the _returnValue member of the worker object. It later obtains this return value by calling the getReturnValue() method on the worker object. This return value management is a result of directly applying the worker object creation pattern discussed in chapter 8. The invokeAndWait() method can throw InterruptedException and InvocationTargetException. For now, we will ignore the exceptions and revisit this issue toward the end of this chapter. Now that we have the base aspect taking care of all the details, let s create a subaspect that extends it. The DefaultSwingThreadSafetyAspect subaspect defines the uiMethodCalls() pointcut, which collects all methods in Swing components. It captures calls to all methods in all of JComponent s direct or indirect subclasses; it also captures calls to all methods in all model classes and their sub-
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namespace Exercise_16_3 { class Cat { public int Age { get; set; } public Cat(int age) { this.Age = age; } } class Tester
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This approach really shines when applications need to retain session state across a multirequest sequence, but they don t have a servlet front-end. In these cases, a stateful session bean is the logical equivalent of a servlet s HttpSession object. This approach is also advantageous when web and non-web clients can benefit from reusing the business logic offered by a stateful session bean. Remember, however, that if a bean isn t used frequently by its client, its timeout may expire and the bean may be destroyed. Therefore, only temporary information should be stored between service requests. It s also possible to use a hybrid approach in cases where your Web server doesn t scale as well as you d like with large numbers of HttpSession objects. For
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- (IBAction) apple:(id) sender { CLLocationCoordinate2D coords; coords.latitude = 37.33188; coords.longitude = -122.029497; MKCoordinateSpan span = MKCoordinateSpanMake(0.002389, 0.005681); MKCoordinateRegion region = MKCoordinateRegionMake(coords, span); [theMap setRegion:region animated:YES]; }
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Listing 14.9 CatalogBean presentation class with properties and viewCategory Behavior
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3.1.4 Conversational state and session bean types
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apiKey holds the developer key (the one associated with your Flickr account). userId is for the account identifier of the person whose gallery we ll be viewing. photosPerPage and page determine the page size (how many thumbs are
<element type="string" column="FILENAME" not-null="true"/> </list>
private int documentID; public int ID { get { return this.documentID; } } public Document(string docString, int documentID) : base(docString) { this.documentID = documentID; } #region ICompressible public void Compress( ) { Console.WriteLine("Executing Document's Compress Method for ICompressible"); } public void Decompress( ) { Console.WriteLine("Executing Document's Decompress Method for ICompressible"); } #endregion // ICompressible } // end Document class
var dbQuery = from emp in employees select emp;
Using Dynamic SQL
Remote Repository J2EE Application
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