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25: Deployment
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A delegate is a reference type, like the other reference types you ve seen in this book, but instead of referring to an object, a delegate refers to a method. This is called encapsulating the method. When you create the delegate, you specify a method signature and return type; you can encapsulate any matching method with that delegate. You create a delegate with the delegate keyword, followed by a return type and the signature of the methods that can be delegated to it, as in the following:
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That s a wide variety of results, but we spot the information we re looking for in item 2. Now we should be able to take the result, extract pertinent terms from it, and search again utilizing these terms. This process could be repeated several times. We would utilize the heuristics described in the previously mentioned email to help us determine the relevant terms in our chosen search result. Hopefully, by now you have realized that this is one implementation of document feedback utilized to improve relevancy. The MoreLikeThis class allows us to employ these heuristics programmatically through the included methods:
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T4 308, 356 357, 360 361, 363 templates 356 357, 361, 363 T4MVC 301, 307 311, 356 TDD 121, 269 Team Foundation Server 284 technical analysis 269 technical debt 125 Telerik 100 TempData 55 57, 128, 138 templated helpers 20 templates 31, 40 43, 45 49, 137, 139, 356, 359 361, 363 templating 31, 45, 308, 311 test cases 364 365, 369, 379 double 61, 126, 371, 376 stubs and mocks 62 framework 361, 363 project template 356, 361, 363 running in parallel 285 setup 367 test-driven development. See TDD testability 4, 269, 283, 289, 300 testable navigation 283 TestFixtureAttribute 288 TestHelper 368 testing 50, 55, 59, 61, 63 65, 252, 257, 283 285, 364 365, 367 368, 370 374, 376 automated 59 hand in hand with design 59 manual 283 284, 289 regression 284 with WatiN 284 Text Template Transformation Toolkit. See T4 text/html 228 229 TextAreaFor 39 TextBox 96 98, 110 TextBoxFor 39 third-party component 66 ThreadStatic 106 tooling 356 ToSeparatedWords 220 ToString 68 Trace.axd 108, 237 TraceContext 108 tracing 95, 107 108 trade-offs 56 transient 123, 195, 201
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Working with iBATIS.NET
Problem: JDK not installed/configured Ant needs to find the JDK so that it can use classes in tools.jar, such as the Java compiler. Without this, some Ant tasks will fail with class not found exceptions. The environment variable JAVA_HOME is used to find the JDK if it is not set, Ant will warn you on startup with an error message:
Working with stored procedures
If Statements
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