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foreach (var g in myGroups) { // implicit typing allGroups.Add(g.Name,new List <string>( )); foreach (string filename in g.Members) { allGroups[g.Name].Add(filename); album[filename].Load(filename); } }
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We may use something similar to the previous code to extract out the cipher passphrase from the ENC in a manual fashion. Because of this extra burden upon the developer, it s easy to see why injection is the preferred mechanism to obtain information from the Container. Externalization of values is incredibly important. In this case, the application assembler or deployer of the EJB may choose a secret passphrase for the encryption scheme in production environments, and developers of the application never have to be exposed to this privileged information. We ve also used environment entries to make our service configurable.
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Quick Overview of Firebug
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In this chapter we have seen how we can access and manipulate the values of individual pixels in an image. We ve discussed some techniques for which this can be useful, and noticed that Perl is, by itself, not always fast enough to implement algorithms that require modification of individual pixels. However, with a smattering of C knowledge and the Inline modules, this problem can be solved.
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<classpath> <fileset dir="${webtest.dist.dir}" includes="*.jar"/> </classpath> </taskdef> <property name="output.dir" location="build/canoo"/> <property name="xsl.file" location="xdocs/stylesheets/canoo.xsl"/> <property <property <property <property <property name="app.context" value="antbook"/> name="app.port" value="8080"/> name="" value="localhost"/> name="app.username" value="erik"/> name="app.password" value="hatcher"/>
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Object[] rvalue = null; try { if( ( firstRowNumber - count ) < 0 ) { count = count - firstRowNumber; } if( count <= 0 ) return null; //decrement the current page index current--; //test to see if we should be at the beginning if( ( firstRowNumber - count) == 0 ) set.absolute( firstRowNumber - count + 1 ); else set.absolute( firstRowNumber - count ); rvalue = new Object[ count ]; for( int i = 0; i < count; i++ ) { rvalue[ i ] = buildObject( ); } firstRowNumber = set.getRow() - count; } catch( Exception e ) { e.printStackTrace(); } return rvalue; } public int getTotalPages() { try { int mod = total % page; int result = total/page; if( mod != 0 ) return result + 1 + ""; else return result + ""; } catch( Exception e ) { e.printStackTrace(); }
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$im->Implode(factor => percentage)
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called flushing. Flushing can happen anytime before commit, in order to keep the results of queries consistent. Let s imagine for a moment that Hibernate Search indexes changes as soon as they re flushed. If the transaction is rolled back, no changes will eventually be persisted to the database but they will to the index. Nobody wants to have stale data in the query results. We need a solution. When a flush triggers a change to an indexed entity or collection, Hibernate Search adds the change to a queue. This queue is scoped by transaction. During the commit operation, whether it is triggered explicitly by the application or implicitly through declarative transaction demarcation, Hibernate Search processes the queue and applies the changes to the index. The sequence of events is shown in figure 5.7. This process has the following benefits:
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Figure 9.13 Two buttons (left), each formed using four carefully labeled layers (demonstrated right), which are manipulated by JavaFX code to create functioning buttons
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Label text
$clock->arc($xc, $yc, 2 * $R, 2 * $R, 0, 360, $grey); $clock->fillToBorder($R, $R, $grey, $grey); # Draw the hour markers for (my $angle = 0; $angle < 2 * PI; $angle += 2 * PI/12) { my $x1 = $xc + $R * cos($angle); my $y1 = $yc + $R * sin($angle); my $x2 = $xc + 0.8 * $R * cos($angle); my $y2 = $yc + 0.8 * $R * sin($angle); $clock->line($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $blue); } # Get the hour and minute my ($min, $hour) = (localtime())[1,2]; $hour %= 12; # go from 24 hour time to 12 hour time my $min_angle = 2 * PI * $min/60 - PI/2; my $hour_angle = 2 * PI * ($hour/12 + $min/(12*60)) - PI/2; my my my my $xmin $ymin $xhour $yhour = = = = $xc $yc $xc $yc + + + 0.75 * + 0.75 * $R $R $R $R * * * * cos($min_angle); sin($min_angle); cos($hour_angle); sin($hour_angle);
The &idgenerator; value is called an entity placeholder. You can define its value at the top of the XML file as an entity declaration, as part of the document type definition:
@WebService(wsdlLocation = "META-INF/myPlaceBidService.wsdl") public interface PlaceBidWS { public Long addBid(String bidderId, Long itemId, Double bidPrice); }
Listing 13.4 A StructureMap registry for our components
This example illustrates how to write a simple program with the Microsoft Ajax Library. Because we ve discussed the Application object and the client-page lifecycle, we ll show them in action in a page. The quickest way to start programming with the Microsoft Ajax Library is to create a new Ajax-enabled website using the Visual Studio template shipped with ASP.NET AJAX. See appendix A for instructions on how to install the Visual Studio template. The template creates a new website and adds a reference to the System.Web.Extensions assembly and a properly configured web.config file. In addition, it creates a Default.aspx page with a ScriptManager control already in it. To run the following example, open the Default.aspx page and insert the code from listing 2.1 in the page s form tag.
First, we want to show you a cool and simple application that you can write using events, one that should get you thinking about everything you can do. Second, we want to show some of the low-level details of how events work in a visual form. Therefore, if you actually take the trouble to code and compile this program, you ll gain a better understanding of how the various phases work as well as how tapping works. You ll kick off this development process by creating a project named eventreporter that uses the View-Based Application template. That means you ll start with a view controller already in place. We ll also use this example to show how an MVC program can be structured.
Sorting these values in descending order, we have:
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