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Figure 11.9 shows an XML file with the text Say Peace in all languages in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. The XML is encoded using UTF-8, and in the top left of the figure it s
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The persistence manager
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Loading data asynchronously using XML technologies
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private static string[] MakeTestDirectories() { string localApplicationData = Path.Combine( Environment.GetFolderPath( Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData), @"Programming CSharp\FindDuplicates"); // Let's make three test directories var directories = new string[3]; for (int i = 0; i < directories.Length; ++i) { string directory = Path.GetRandomFileName(); // Combine the local application data with the // new random file/directory name string fullPath = Path.Combine(localApplicationData, directory); // And create the directory Directory.CreateDirectory(fullPath); directories[i] = fullPath; Console.WriteLine(fullPath); } return directories;
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makes a connection to the database, you have to go all the way to the database server to reach it. This can mean the test execution time is unacceptable. You can fight that issue in various ways. A good solution for accelerating your web test is to deploy your application to a preconfigured web server and test it on that server. We ll deal with this in chapter 11. Another good idea is to prepare a special database for this kind of test, with less data and faster query-execution times. RELIABILITY Are the tests reliable enough You have to pay closer attention to the fact that the functional UI tests depend on the environment in which they re executing. If you re developing and testing on the same database, you re likely to introduce data that will interfere with your test suite. If your tests depend on the company s network architecture, you ll get a false alarm if your network administrator decides to replace an old switch in the server room. You can minimize this kind of problem by using a separate test database for development, manual testing, and automated testing. It may even be a good idea to set up the database every time, as with integration tests. You can minimize network dependency by setting up your hardware test architecture yourself. If it s physically impossible, how about using a virtual server If all else fails, think about putting the UI tests in a periodic-build scenario say, every 2 hours or every night.
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You have to be aware of the transaction- and persistence-context propagation rules when you design your conversations with stateful EJBs, or if you want to mix stateless and stateful components: how to generate qrcode
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Another variation is to have multiple event handlers monitor a single event, although Visual Basic gets to decide which handler to call first.
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An index file lets the user access specific pages by searching for a concept or subject from a list. There is a many-to-many relationship between these keywords and the help pages: one keyword can lead to one or more pages, and a single page can be the target of multiple keywords. Create an index by clicking on the Index tab on the left half of the main form, and respond to the prompt that you want to create a new index file, calling it Simple. hhk. As with the Contents editor, the Index editor includes a small vertical toolbar.
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The last line of the action returns the presentation model to a View helper method, which returns a ViewResult to the MVC Framework. Because a view name wasn t specified, the framework uses a convention and looks for a view that matches the action name. In this case it would look for a view called Index.
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Box boxObject = new Box( );
same value to a caller regardless of input parameters. Using test harnesses for client components does require extra development time, but can make testing more meaningful and faster overall. Depending on your choice of Java IDE, you may already have a debugging tool to assist you in unit testing your client-side components. For example, WebGain Studio will run your code inside its debugger, allowing you to step through executing code. This can be useful for testing components running in a local JVM. If you are not using an IDE, unit testing can still be accomplished using open source tools such as the JUnit testing framework mentioned in the previous section. There are also commercial tools on the market that provide rich functional and nonfunctional testing capabilities for applications. An example is JProbe, a Java-based testing suite from Sitraka Software. You may want to investigate these products if your IDE or open source package does not provide all of the testing metrics you require.
Listing 9.7 Use a Criteria API to define a fetching strategy
A little earlier I mentioned fields, which are variables or constants that appear within a class, but outside any procedure definition.
Hmm. The code s not that different. But hey, why not Let s do it. To support this conversion, we need to add a CType overload to the ListItemData class. Open that class s file, and add the following code as a member of the class.
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