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Listing 6.8 The second part of the HttpRequestHelper class
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Sets the color space to DeviceRGB and changes the current color for stroking paths. The color values are floats from 0 to 1. Sets the color space to DeviceCMYK and changes the current color for filling paths. The color values are integers from 0 to 255.
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Having just developed our first example, now is a good time to pause and make some sense of what we ve seen. As mentioned, a great deal of functionality was achieved with very few lines of actual programming code, and I m sure that you are probably wondering where all of that power came from. Let s start at the top and expand on the description of a portal framework that was presented in section 1.2. What is the framework The portal framework is a set of controls that combine at runtime to provide an overall service. These controls are known collectively as web part controls and include the core components that we ve already seen personalization, web parts, and zones but also include several other components that we haven t discussed in detail as yet. The most important of these is the WebPartManager. The WebPartManager control is an invisible member of the portal, but is responsible for nearly all of the major events that occur within it. For example, with our simple example from the previous section, if we were to remove the WebPartManager, the whole sample would just throw one great big exception even though we only visibly used it in two lines of code! In addition to the WebPartManager, we also observed web parts and zones at work. We saw how easy it is to create web parts; in fact, we even saw that standard web controls such as Calendars and Labels can be used as web parts simply by adding them to a zone. We got to see how zones assist with the layout of web parts and how the user can move the web parts freely between zones at runtime. We also caught our first glimpses of personalization when we changed the title of the Calendar web part and saw that it was automatically persisted across the browser. The fact that personalization can do this for us without our having to write any code is a very significant achievement, as it demonstrates one of the ways that the ASP.NET 2.0 architects have managed to remove the need to write code that performs common tasks.
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In this chapter we ve covered quite a simple skill, yet a sometimes useful one. Bringing JavaFX Script code into an existing Java program is something that needs to be done carefully and without assumptions about how a given JavaFX compiler works. Fortunately Java 6 s scripting engine support, coupled with JavaFX Script s respect for the Java language s class hierarchy mechanism, makes it possible to link the two languages in a clean way. It may not be something we need to do every day, but it s nice to know the option is there when we need it. Using scripting languages from within Java certainly gives us great power. (Don t forget, With great power there must also come great responsibility! as Stan Lee once wrote.) It allows us to develop different parts of our application in languages more suitable to the task at hand. Sooner rather than later, I hope, the JavaFX team will add a working bridge between the scene graph and AWT/Swing, so we can exploit JavaFX to the fullest within existing Java applications. JavaFX would surely give us a powerful tool in slashing development times of Java desktop apps and reducing the frequency of UI bugs. This chapter brings the book to a close. We began in chapter 1 with excited talk about the promise of rich internet applications and the power of domain-specific languages, worked our way through the JavaFX Script language, learned how to use binds, manipulated the scene graph, took a trip to the movies, looked through our photo collection, sent some secret codes from within a web browser, got lost in a mobile maze, and ended up learning how to have the best of both worlds. What a journey! I hope it s been fun.
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Storing data directly in the browser
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And the same for a restriction on a single-valued association, the seller:
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Now our Index view requires an instance of GuestBookEntry B to be assigned to the view before rendering. We need to revisit the action to make sure this is provided. Listing 1.12 shows our original Index action modified to send a new instance of GuestBookEntry to the view.
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Custom keyboard accessories
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<script type="text/javascript"> <!-function pageLoad() { $find('dstLabel').set_text("Label's text"); } //--> </script>
pattern, the aspect makes the class participate in the aspect collaboration, while in other cases, aspects affect classes without their knowledge.
Session State
First responders and keyboards
Whenever the Library application runs, it reads in the XML license file and performs many checks to ensure that the license is valid for the current application installation. If the license is invalid for any reason, the application blocks access to the enhanced administrative features included in the Library system.
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