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methods. Almost all methods2 can be called by the name specified here, as well as by that name with Image appended. Thus, Read() can also be called as ReadImage(), Annotate() as AnnotateImage() and Quantize() as QuantizeImage(). Some methods can be called by even more names; in those cases I have added the aliases to the description of its preferred name. Many methods can be called with a single argument, instead of the name-value pairs specified in this chapter. It is normally a good idea to use the longer version to specify arguments, because that documents exactly what it is you re doing, instead of relying on the reader of the code to know what that particular single argument does. In less complicated cases, such as Scale() or Blur() the chances of confusion are slight. However, for the more complex methods that allow shortcuts, such as Modulate(), I would strongly advise getting in the habit of using the longer form. Some arguments that are common to many methods are discussed in section A.6, to prevent repetition of their explanation in the following. The radius argument to many methods has been available since version 5.2.4. Before that version, this attribute was called order.
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11: Security
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Debug support Sun Microsystems has developed a number of debugging architectures and interfaces that are compatible with Java Virtual Machines. The Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) is an interface that allows any JVM to be plugged into development and debugging environments. The Java Platform Debugging Architecture (JPDA) supports the infrastructure for building JVM-compatible debugging tools. Communication between the development environment and the virtual machine using the JDWP is typically done using sockets. Due to memory restrictions, the KVM does not fully support the Java Debug Wire Protocol. Instead, a subset of the JDWP is supported by an interface named the KVM Debug Wire Protocol (KDWP).
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@interface labeledwebview : UIView { UILabel *URLLabel; UIWebView *myWebView; } @property(nonatomic, retain) UILabel *URLLabel; @property(nonatomic, retain) UIWebView *myWebView; - (void)loadURL:(NSString *)url; @end
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Keep UI and application logic in code-behind files Keep any logic used to render or manipulate the UI in the server-side code. This gives you the luxury of supporting browsers that have JavaScript disabled as well as not exposing logic to savvy web users via the client script. Use seamless, transparent integration Try to keep the existing application intact as much as possible so that future changes will be easy to integrate and few or no changes to the existing logic will be required. Stick to a familiar paradigm Leverage the server controls so that a typical ASP.NET developer can continue to develop using an already familiar paradigm (server controls and ASP.NET postback mechanism).
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Deleting BLOBs
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Although DDL statements are powerful, they aren t used that much. Once you create your database objects, there s not much call for tinkering. The DML statements are more useful for everyday data surfing. The INSERT statement adds data records to a table. Data is added to a table one record at a time. (A variation of INSERT lets you insert multiple records, but those records must come from another existing table source.) To use the INSERT statement, specify the destination table and fields, and then the individual values to put into each field. One data value corresponds to each specified data column name.
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Listing 9.3 Unit testing the product catalog service
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More cryptic: Enigma machine, version 2
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E The four results
Adding certificates
In section 3.6.1, Table per concrete class, we defined the table-per-concrete-class mapping strategy and observed that this mapping strategy makes it difficult to represent a polymorphic association, because you can t map a foreign key relationship to the table of the abstract superclass. There is no table for the superclass with this strategy; you only have tables for concrete classes. Suppose that we want to represent a polymorphic many-to-one association from User to BillingDetails, where the BillingDetails class hierarchy is mapped using this table-per-concrete-class strategy. There is a CREDIT_CARD table and a
In the following section, we ll look at further considerations that the Ajax programmer needs to take into account when working with Internet Explorer. Further special considerations for Internet Explorer Each web browser implements its own garbage collector, and some work differently than others. The exact mechanisms of the Internet Explorer browser garbage collection are not well understood, but, according to the consensus of the comp.lang.JavaScript newsgroup, it has specific difficulties with releasing variables where a circular reference exists between DOM elements and ordinary JavaScript objects. It has been suggested that manually severing such links would be a good idea. To describe this by example, the following code defines a circular reference:
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