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Introducing PDF and iText
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public class SimpleGet extends Activity { . . . other portions of onCreate omitted for brevity this.getButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { public void onClick(View v) { Invoke getHttpResponse getOutput.setText(""); method String output = getHttpResponse(getInput.getText().toString()); if (output != null) { getOutput.setText(output); } } }); }; . . . private String getHttpResponse(String location) { String result = null; URL url = null; Construct try { URL object url = new URL(location);
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myVariable = 5 ;
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Here s the first stage reproduced on its own. We kick off by defining a new sequence called freq, with enough space for each unique number in our puzzle. This will hold the frequency of the numbers in our group. Recall that we re using 0 to represent an empty cell, so to make the code easier we ve allowed space in the sequence for 0 plus the 1 to 9. Then we extract each position in the group, using the parameter function to translate group/position to a grid index. We increment the frequency corresponding to the value at the grid index so if the value was 1, freq[1] would get incremented. This builds us a table of how often each value occurs in the group. Now we want to act on that data.
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$gd->arc(199, 149, 250, 250, 0, 360, $red); $gd->arc(199, 149, 100, 200, 0, 360, $red); $gd->fillToBorder(99, 149, $red, $green); $gd->rectangle(0, 0, 399, 299, $red); $gd->line(199, 0, 199, 299, $red); $gd->line(0, 149, 399, 149, $red);
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As of this writing, the fate of the Sandbox is up in the air. The authors were informed that it is no longer being maintained, and some of the classes there have been adopted into the Lucene core. We re going to discuss two of them BoostingQuery and RegexQuery. We still consider these two classes important to discuss so that you can see their inner workings and possibly adapt them to your own code if needed. Besides, that s what the Sandbox is for.
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MultiFieldQueryParser queries more than one field
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class Egg { var baby:Reptile; function toString() : String { return "Egg => Baby:{baby}"; } }
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For brevity's sake, in the rest of the examples in this chapter, we are leaving out attributes of the data that are not required to show what we are doing. For example, when we get a customer, we are not going to get all of the fields of the customer, but only the primary and foreign keys.
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It s tempting to put a simple JavaScript expression in the OnBegin handler or its counterparts, but this causes a syntax error in the generated onclick handler for the anchor tag. Make sure you reference the JavaScript function by name (without parentheses) like this: OnBegin = "ajaxStart".
Exploring the development environment
Finally, the button is glued onto the form on line 38:
5.4.1 Client-only interactions
hasPrevious: function() { return !(this.feedIndex == 0 && this.itemIndex == 0); }, hasNext: function() { return !(this.feedIndex == this.options.rssFeeds.length - 1 && this.itemIndex == this.currentFeed.items.length - 1); },
Understand your application and its dependencies. Make sure that resources are configured before you deploy the application in your target environment. If an application requires a lot of resources, it is a good idea to use the deployment descriptor to communicate the dependencies for the deployer to resolve before attempting to deploy the application. Improper packaging of classes and libraries causes a lot of class-loading issues. You also need to understand the dependency of your applications on helper classes and third-party libraries and package them accordingly. Avoid duplication of libraries in multiple places. Instead, find a way to package your applications, and configure your application server such that you can share common libraries from multiple modules within the same application. Avoid using proprietary APIs and annotations. Don t use vendor-specific tags or annotations unless it s the only way to accomplish your task. Weigh doing so against the disadvantages, such as making your code less portable. If you are depending on proprietary behavior, check whether you can take advantage of a proprietary deployment descriptor. Leverage your DBA. Work with your DBA to automate creation of any database schemas for your application. Avoid depending on the automatic table creation feature for entities, as it may not meet your production deployment requirement. Make sure that the database is configured properly, and that it does not become a bottleneck for your application. Past experience indicates that making friends with the DBA assigned to your project really helps! If your application requires other resources such as a JMS provider or LDAPcompliant security provider, then work with the appropriate administrators to configure them correctly. Again, using O/R mapping with XML and resource dependencies with XML descriptors can help you troubleshoot configuration issues without having to fiddle with the code.
The MEMORY cache type is a simple but effective way to cache the data in your application.
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