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What is the default font used in iText, and can I change it The default font in iText is Helvetica with size 12 pt. There s no way to change this. If you need objects with another default font, just create a factory class that produces objects with the font of your choice.
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Migrating to EJB 3
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public class Item { ... @OneToMany(cascade = { CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.MERGE, CascadeType.REMOVE }, mappedBy = "item") @org.hibernate.annotations.Cascade( value = org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.DELETE_ORPHAN ) private Set<Bid> bids = new HashSet<Bid>(); ... }
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Now that you ve seen how to modify your entities so that you can store them in the Table service, let s take a look at how these entities would be stored in a Table service table.
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By adding a specific class with the As clause, you enforce a constraint on the generic type, a limitation that must be met to use the type. In this case, the constraint says, You may supply any class value for T as long as it is or it derives from System.Windows.Forms. Form. This means you can create an instance of FormOnlyClass using one of your application s forms, but not using non-Form classes.
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Figure 13-1. This chapter in Notepad
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instance contains the ID and the description of a product extracted from the AdventureWorks database. The Web Service is called ProductsService, and you create it in the root directory of an ASP.NET Futures-enabled website. The Web Service class is located in a file called ProductsService.asmx. The Web Service is configured for ASP.NET AJAX, following the procedure explained in chapter 5. The only web method exposed by the Web Service is called GetTopTenProducts. The web method returns the first 10 products extracted from the Product table of the AdventureWorks database. The relevant code for the Web Service is shown in listing 13.17.
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Listing 3.2 The Profile class
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because static methods are not invoked on a object, the target() pointcut will not match calls to such a method. There are a few important differences in the way matching is performed between within() and this(): The former will match when the object in the lexical scope matches the type specified in the pointcut, whereas the latter will match when the current execution object is of a type that is specified in the pointcut or its subclass. The code snippet that follows shows the difference between the two pointcuts. We have a SavingsAccount class that extends the Account class. The Account class also contains a nested class: Helper. The join points that will be captured by within(Account) and this(Account) are annotated.
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An important benefit of this approach is the opportunity to design the server to be stateless. This of course requires that the client send an amount of session state with each request. The server may then send back updated session state with each response. Being stateless puts the server in a good position to deliver the best possible scalability. Pooling stateless session beans to be reused between client requests is one way to maximize resources. However, this advantage may be offset by the overhead of frequently transferring state over the network. Another downside is that the life of the session state is at the mercy of its hosting client. If the user moves to another client machine, their session state is no longer available.
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Figure 8-1. Chain of Responsibility pattern illustration a bank clerk deals with a request
Building Ajax-enabled controls
Organizing with Spring and data access objects
[attributes] [access-modifier] interface interface-name [:base-list] {interface-body}
<div runat="server" id="toolpanel"> ... ToolZone server controls go here </div>
In this code we simply read the value of the aspxerrorpath that is passed to our page by ASP.NET and set it as the redirect path. You ve just seen how to manage personalization data at the level of individual web parts. It s now time to take a quick look at the PersonalizationAdministration class to see how we can work with personalization data at a wider level. 9.4.2 Managing personalization data The PersonalizationAdministration class contains static members that provide us with the ability to perform queries over personalization data. Using this class, we could run queries to determine which users have not used the system recently and then use that information to decide how to reset their personalization data. This kind of functionality may be useful for large and active sites that do not wish to retain too much personalization data for inactive members. Here s an example of a query that is used to return all personalization data older than 200 days:
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The timeout value for container-managed transaction beans comes from the EJB container itself. Your vendor s documentation should explain how to set this value.
Continuous database integration
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