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package com.charge_it; public interface Processor extends java.rmi.Remote
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Example C-14. The markup for Exercise 4-2 (continued)
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Advanced entity association mappings
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select as id0_ as id0_, as name0_ from locations location0_ where
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We already elaborated on the detached object concept and how you can reattach modified instances to a new persistence context or, alternatively, merge them into the new persistence context. Because JPA offers persistence operations only for merging, review the examples and notes about merging with native Hibernate code (in Merging the state of a detached object in chapter 9, section 9.3.2.) and the discussion of detached objects in JPA, chapter 9, section 9.4.2, Working with detached entity instances. Here we want to focus on a question we brought up earlier and look at it from a slightly different perspective. The question is, Why is a persistent instance returned from the merge() operation The long conversation you previously implemented with Hibernate has two steps, two events. In the first event, an auction item is retrieved for display. In the
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Every time we call the RunFor method, we have to stash away the error message that is returned, check it for problems, and then decide what we re going to do. In this instance, we decided to quit the application, after showing an error message to the user, because it isn t safe to continue. If we compile and run, here s the output:
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5.5 Working with stored procedures
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If you cannot connect to a Windows NT server, you need to disable NTLM telnet authentication on the server; without this <telnet> can not authenticate the user.
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#region IStorable //... #endregion
behavioral 416 collaboration 415 AspectJ-based rule implementation aspect, banking example 421 join point collection, when using rule engine 420 join point, restricting 420 AspectJ-based transaction management 368 378 defining operation 369 JTA, using 388 requirements, high-level 368 aspectjrt.jar AspectJ runtime library 439 -classpath option, and 441 iajc ant task 448 specifying without modifying CLASSPATH 451 java ant task specifying without modifying CLASSPATH 451 aspectjtools.jar AspectJ tools library 439 iajc ant task 448 specifying without modifying CLASSPATH 450 aspectOf() 136 control-flow-based association, and 136 aspect-oriented logging 153, 156 advantages of 156 dependency reversal 156 weaving 156 aspect-oriented programming See AOP 4 aspect-oriented resource pooling plug-and-play 208 requirements 208 template aspect See resource pooling template aspect 208 aspect-oriented thread pooling 226 -aspectpath option, ajc 444 -injars option, combining 444 aspects abstract See abstract aspects
<movies> <movie duration="" imdb="" year=""> <title>The Misfortunates</title> <imdb>1075110</imdb> <duration>108</duration> <original>De helaasheid der dingen</original> <year>2009</year> </movie> </movies>
var passTrain=new Vehicle(24,100); passTrain.carriageCount=12; passTrain.addCarriage=function(){ this.carriageCount++; } passTrain.removeCarriage=function(){ this.carriageCount--; }
Understanding Ant integration
542 | 19: Localization and Globalization
Earlier in this chapter we showed how some events don t work the same on the iPhone because of its unique input method. At the time, our task was simply to figure out which events to avoid when designing iPhone-friendly pages. Now we re ready to look at the flipside of user input by examining many of the standard iPhone gestures and seeing how those touches turn into JavaScript events. If you prefer to instead capture touches by hand, we refer you to the next chapter, which discusses some WebKit-specific events that do exactly that.
Struct containing types of annotations
The first field, _text, holds the text typed by the user. The second field, _timeout, stores the time interval to wait before firing the change and textChanged events. The value of the _timeout field is exposed in a public property called timeout. The last field, _timer, holds the opaque ID returned by the JavaScript s setTimeout function. You ll use the setTimeout function to simulate a timer.
When you re designing tests for the CI process, you should keep this golden rule in mind: Fail fast. This means you should design your test suite so that in case of a problem, you ll detect it as soon as possible. In order to do that, you should
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