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Microsoft.Office.Server.WebAnalytics.UI Microsoft.Office.Server.WebAnalytics.Reporting.WhatsPopularWebPart
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Creating a file within a user s isolated storage area is a simple process. This process hinges on the System.IO.StreamWriter object. You can use a StreamWriter to write content into a file stored within isolated storage. Listing 5.9 shows the process of writing a text file to the user s isolated storage area.
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Mock objects allow us to verify that methods were called on our interfaces, but that doesn t necessarily mean that we re testing the right thing. Testing that an object subscribed to an event doesn t tell us anything about the functionality of that object. Testing that when the event is raised something meaningful happens is a better way to test that object.
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Now assign $a to a new variable $b and check that $a and $b have the same elements.
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Silverlight is a key component of the Microsoft web technologies, and you ll learn how Silverlight can be used in combination with Web Parts. 12 gives you insight into how to turn your Web Parts into mobile-friendly components so that your users can access on any devices the functionality that you build. 13 discusses design patterns; you ll see how to build robust and testable Web Parts using proven patterns and techniques. I hope you have a great time reading through this part of the book and enjoy the code samples. You can download most of the code samples from the book s website at and use them as a reference for your own projects.
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8.1 Comparing ASP.NET to ASP 8.2 The System.Web.UI.Page class 245 8.3 Working with Web Forms and server controls 248 8.4 Creating user controls 258 8.5 Validating user input 261 8.6 Configuring and customizing ASP.NET applications 265 8.7 Tracing ASP.NET applications 269 242 8.8 Managing application and session state 272 8.9 Creating Web Forms using Visual Studio .NET 275 8.10 Manually creating code-behind Web Forms 278 8.11 WebPok: the Web Forms-based poker machine 279 8.12 MobPok: the mobile Internet-based poker machine 286 8.13 Summary 288
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that would have tied us strongly to structure or naming of the controls, you can imagine a designer could take a few rules around the template and design something entirely new from it.
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There are nine element operators: First, FirstOrDefault, Last, LastOrDefault, Single, SingleOrDefault, ElementAt, ElementAtOrDefault, and DefaultIfEmpty.
Name Order
Here is how we would do the same without a query expression, using the SelectMany and Select operators:
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