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PS C:\>add-windowsfeature -name telnet-client,telnet-server -restart
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End-User Steps 4 5 6 Launch the Report Builder. Use the Report Builder to select the model and build a report. Run or save the report. 7.3.1 7.3.2 7.3.2
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How about referencing the SUM() aggregate in table region A from either the list region or table region B At first, you might think that this is not possible because table A is not in the containing scope of both regions. But as with every rule there are exceptions, and the truth is that this combination is allowed. The exception here seems to be a result of the fact that an expression can reference an aggregate value regardless of its scope. At first, the scope rules may seem mind-boggling, but with some experience it gets easier. Besides, the Report Designer is kind enough to remind us each time we fail to comply with this rule with one of the following two exceptions:
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Result (in designer):
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Properties of a blog entry Figure 3.2 shows a typical blog entry object with its properties and associated objects. Let s first discuss the properties of a blog entry object:
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A report includes header, body, and footer sections.
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[Test] public void Analyze_WebServiceThrows_SendsEmail() { MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository(); IWebService stubService = mocks.Stub<IWebService>(); IEmailService mockEmail =
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Let s get back to the AccountViewController.m file. This is the initial screen where user interaction happens. When building this demo, I wanted to ensure the experience for you would be smooth and simple. That s something that even the most advanced power users can appreciate. In doing so, I needed a clean interface that would allow me to compose my e-mail messages. I knew that at the time of this writing, the SDK did not allow me to access the Mail application without also leaving my application. This is when I ran into Joe Hewitt s exemplary open source library named Three20. Three20 is a set of Objective-C classes that you can reuse in your applications to either enhance its UI, add a photo picker that looks like Apple s, style your labels like you would with CSS, and do many other outstanding things. It s simply brilliant how trivial it was for me to build a compose e-mail view with the powerful functionality I required for this demo, including the capability to add multiple recipients, search my Address Book, add a subject, and be able to write text that I can easily scroll through. To do that, you ll use the Three20 class TTMessageController. Here is how you instantiate it when the composeMessage: selector is invoked:
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So, you made a game and submitted it to the App Store. Now what How do people find your game in the first place The story starts at the beginning. The moment you begin working on your game should also be the starting point for your marketing efforts. Get a web site up and running, and post your development experiences and maybe some work-in-progress screenshots. That should be the first step to connect with other game developers. In terms of the marketing and business aspects, I d like to save you some time. The following link is to the Big List of Indie Marketing and Business Tips, and I have to say that s an understatement. You ll find most of the meaningful and intelligent articles ever written on the subject on just this one page, so be sure to check it out even if you re only mildly interested in the marketing and business aspects of indie game development. Check it out at Still interested in marketing Good, check out the free e-book Videogame Marketing and PR, written by Scott Steinberg. You can get it on the book s web site:
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Each argument is printed as expected. Now let s define an array containing 1,2,3 and pass that array to the function:
Procedure variables, also called local variables, are available only in the procedure in which you declare them. Declare them using either the Dim keyword, as in this example: Dim Line As AcadLine or the Static keyword, as in this example: Static Count As Integer Variables that you declare in a procedure using the Dim keyword have scope only while you re inside that procedure. When you leave the procedure, the variable s value is gone. On the other hand, a variable declared in a procedure using the Static keyword lives as long as your application runs, much like a global variable but with local scope (that is, you can access it only when you are in that procedure). Local variables are used for calculations pertinent to the procedure. Declare a local variable as Static only when you need to keep a running count, such as in a procedure, and don t want other procedures in the application to have access to the variable.
Unlike most other object-oriented languages, Objective-C does not create a completely new language it is a strict superset of C. The Objective-C keywords and syntax are quite distinct from regular C. Listing 1-1 shows a brief snippet of Objective-C, along with equivalent Java code for comparison. The basic control statements are plain C. The statements between brackets invoke Objective-C methods. Listing 1-1. Sample of Java and Objective-C Syntax Java public void setSize( Dimension size ) { if (size.height!=0 && size.width!=0) { if (!this.size.equals(size)) { super.setSize(size); for ( MapItem i: mapItems ) i.resize(); }
Print to console
The Grid panel
And as for audio production, if you want to pull off your own tunes and sound effects, a good place to start is GarageBand, which you ll find already installed on your Mac. You only need a microphone to record some noises, and then spend some time tweaking them and use them wherever you find them appropriate (or inappropriate, as the case may be, seeing how popular fart and burp sounds are for the iPhone). If you don t want to make your own audio, you can also search online for free and low-cost audio files for example, on and similar web sites. CAUTION: Be wary of sprite and audio collections downloaded from the Internet. There are places where you can download ready-made game assets for free. But simply free doesn t mean that you are allowed to redistribute the files, or use them in a commercial product like a game sold on the App Store. Unless the assets come with an explicit license file allowing redistribution and use in commercial products, or you get the express permission of the original author, you should only use them as placeholders for the final artwork and audio.
-(BOOL) ccTouchBegan:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { moveToFinger = YES; fingerLocation = [Helper locationFromTouch:touch]; return YES; } -(void) ccTouchMoved:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { fingerLocation = [Helper locationFromTouch:touch]; } -(void) ccTouchEnded:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { moveToFinger = NO; }
[<char><ch Matches any one character from a a[bc]c ar> ] set of characters
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