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is a mandatory practice when writing unit tests. Use either a setup method or call specific helper methods at the beginning of the test to ensure the state is what you expect it to be. Using shared state In many cases, you don t need to share state at all. Having separate instances of an object for each test is the safest way to go. Using static instances in tests You need to be careful how your tests manage static state. Be sure to clean up the static state using setup or teardown methods. Sometimes it s effective to use direct helper method calls to clearly reset the static state from within the test. If you re testing singletons, it s worth adding public or internal setters so your tests can reset them to a clean object instance.
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Drawing in 3D
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don t read more characters into line than line can hold.
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management packs, but such tools are not provided as part of the Resource Kit. It is therefore recommended that you use the Management Pack Differencing tool, since it is included in the Resource Kit and is designed for use with MOM.
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OVERRIDE THE TOSTRING METHOD Action 3 Override the ToString method to return the contained file name. Result
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Figure 13-6. Editing the four attributes In AutoCAD 2005 and 2006, after you perform the insertion, you can double-click the block to invoke the Enhanced Attribute Editor, as shown in Figure 13-7. You can then review the attribute values and make changes appropriately.
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Report processing encompasses all activities performed by the Report Server to generate a report. To understand how the Report Server processes a report, let s see what happens when the report is requested on demand. Figure 1.6 depicts what happens when a report hosted under the Report Server is requested by a report consumer. First, the consumer submits (1) a report request to the Report Server. Once the report request is intercepted by the Report Server, it is forwarded (2) to the Report Processor. The Report Processor parses the request and retrieves (3) the report definition and metadata from the Report Server Database. The Report Processor checks whether the user is authorized to access this report. If so, the Report Processor processes the report, which involves two stages: execution and rendering. Let s get more insight into each of these stages, starting with the execution stage.
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Figure 13 6. Bringing up the iPod music controls
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a. Locate the Text entry in the Properties window. b. Change its value to &Load.
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Because I ve spent the last ten chapters telling you to use the built-in PowerShell help, you might be inclined to run something like help win32_service right inside PowerShell. Sadly, that won t work. The operating system itself doesn t contain any WMI documentation, so PowerShell s help function wouldn t have anyplace to go look for it. You re stuck with whatever help you can find online and much of that will be from other admins and programmers, not from Microsoft. Search for root\SecurityCenter, for example, and you won t find a single Microsoft documentation page in the results, which is unfortunate. The different filter criteria that WMI uses are also common points of confusion. You should always provide a filter whenever you need anything other than all of the available instances, but you ll have to memorize that different filter syntax. The filter syntax is passed along to WMI and not processed by PowerShell, which is why you have to use the syntax that WMI prefers instead of the native PowerShell operators. Part of what makes WMI confusing for some of my classroom students is that, although PowerShell provides an easy way to query information from WMI, WMI isn t really integrated into PowerShell. WMI is an external technology, and it has its own rules and its own way of working. Although you can get to it from within PowerShell, it won t behave exactly like other cmdlets and techniques that are integrated completely within PowerShell. Keep that in mind, and watch for little points of confusion that result from WMI s individuality.
The GetOrientation method is similar to GetAngle, except that the angle returned is always measured from the east, or three o clock, regardless of the ANGBASE system variable setting. This method has the following syntax: dblUserOrientationInput = UtilityObject.GetOrientation([BasePoint] [,Prompt]) Table 7-8 explains this method s parameters. Table 7-8. The GetOrientation Method s Parameters
Monitoring and automation
to the URL to see the XML returned by Amazon. The screenshot in figure 10.1 shows a fragment of the XML returned for the dotnet tag. As we can see, the XML returned contains a <Tag> element for the dotnet category, along with a series of <TaggedItems> elements representing each of the books that have been tagged with dotnet on Let s get started by seeing how we can use the Select standard query operator to read the title of each of the books within the XML.
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