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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; static class LanguageFeatures { class ProcessData { public Int32 Id; public Int64 Memory; public String Name; } static void DisplayProcesses() {
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iTunes U Story from Gary Mazo: Recently, I was browsing the iTunes U section inside the iTunes app on the iPad with my son, who was just accepted to CalTech. We were wondering about the housing situation and, lo and behold, we found a video podcast showing a tour of the CalTech dorms. We downloaded it and the podcast went right into the podcast directory for future viewing. We were able to do a complete virtual tour of the housing without flying out there from the East Coast.
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[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:DATA_RECEIVED object:self];
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} } $reader.close() }
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First, the script launches the BBEdit program using activate; if the program is already running, it makes the program active. Next, the script opens the specified file. (Do not worry about how to run this example; you will learn more about it in the next section.)
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Introducing our running example
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System-level roles can include only system-level tasks. When you install RS, the Setup program maps the Windows local administrators group to the System Administrator role. Item-level roles Item-level roles contain item-level tasks. Table 9.2 shows the predefined item-level roles. Unlike working with tasks, you can define custom system- and item-level roles, as well as modify the predefined roles. Let s say that you don t like the predefined task mapping for the Content Manager role; you don t want members of this role to be able to view reports. You can use the Site Settings menu to either change the role definition or create a new item-level role.
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LINQ to SQL and EF can return something other than a whole object instance. Here s
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Subroutines are often referred to as handlers and sometimes as functions and procedures. All these, for this book s purposes, have the same meaning.
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Why PowerShell uses objects
The easiest way to connect to a service is through a service reference proxy. If the web service you re connecting to supports Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Visual Studio can read that information and create a proxy in your application for you. Creating a service reference in your Silverlight application takes three simple steps:
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