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} Objective-C #import "SuperClass.h" @interface NewClass : SuperClass { int instanceVariable; } -method; -methodWithParameter:param; @end @implementation NewClass -method { return (nil); } -methodWithParameter:param { return (nil); } @end Listing 3-1 shows the definition of the NewClass class in Java and an equivalent class in Objective-C. The @interface part of a class definition is typically in a header (.h) file for inclusion by other modules, while the @implementation portion is in a source (.m) file. See the #include and #import section of the previous chapter if you need a refresher on C source file organization. The @interface portion of a class declaration has two parts. The first part contains the instance variable declarations surrounded by braces. This portion is similar to a C struct declaration. Following the variable declaration are the class s method prototypes. The hyphen prefix indicates that the method is an instance method. A plus prefix denotes a class method, which is similar to a static method in Java. The @implementation directive contains the actual code for the methods that were described in the @interface section. It is an error to declare a method and not implement it, although the opposite is permitted. One of Java s more elegant design features is that a class file defines both a class s interface and its implementation. In Objective-C, it s the programmer s responsibility to keep the interface and the implementation in agreement. Both the @interface and @implementation sections are terminated with an @end directive. Class inheritance works the same way it does in Java. The class NewClass inherits all of the instance variables and methods of the class SuperClass. Declaring a method in NewClass with the same name as a method inherited from SuperClass overrides the inherited method.
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where type is any legal C type. In this code fragment, the variable f gets assigned a value of 1.5:
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Return r.ID End Function Private Shared Function resultDelegate(ByVal p As Person, ByVal r As Role) As Person Return p End Function
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CHAPTER 2: Mike Ash s Deep Dive Into Peer-to-Peer Networking
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The Label class is a control that displays a text string or image within a form. This class is part of the of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the Control class. A Label object can be assigned a tab index, but when activated the next control in the tab order will always receive focus. See .NET Table 4.1 on page 104 for a list of members inherited from the Control class. AutoSize BorderStyle Gets or sets whether the label should automatically resize to display its contents. Gets or sets the border for the label, taken from the BorderStyle enumeration. The default is None. Gets or sets the flat style for the label, using the
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Touch and drag to scroll down or up.
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We see that we ve extracted the computer name and domain as desired. This approach is significantly more robust than using exact indexing for the following reasons. First, we checked with a guard string instead of assuming that the string at index 1 was correct. In fact, we could have written a loop that went through all of the strings and stopped when the match succeeded. In that case, it wouldn t matter which line contained the information; we would find it anyway. We also didn t care about where in the line the data actually appeared, only that it followed a basic wellformed pattern. With a pattern-based approach, output format can vary significantly, and this pattern would still retrieve the correct data. By using techniques like this, you can write more change-tolerant scripts than you would otherwise Whew! So that s it for the pattern matching operators. In this section, we covered the two types of pattern matching operators wildcard patterns and regular expressions. Wildcard patterns are pretty simple, but learning to use regular expressions effectively requires more work. On the other hand, you ll find that the power of regular expressions is more than worth the effort invested to learn them. We ll come back to these patterns again in chapter 6 when we discuss the switch statement. For now, though, let s come back down to earth and cover the last of the basic operators
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Table 7-7. The GetAngle Method s Parameters
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To understand the usefulness of developing a blog client library, let s put ourselves in Rangu s shoes. After Rangu adds blogging capabilities to his build scripts, other developers in his group want to do the same thing. Otto asks Rangu to do a chalk talk at lunchtime to explain blogging APIs. Rangu prepares a short presentation to explain MetaWeblog API, Blogger API, and Atom to a group of junior programmers who all want to learn how to add blogging capabilities to their programs. During his presentation, he explains the relationship between the Blogger API and MetaWeblog API, how XML -RPC encodes method calls and data types, and how Atom uses HTTP verbs to post, put, and get XML. His audience is befuddled and bewildered by the details. They don t understand why things have to be so complicated. One programmer asks, Why can t I just create a blog object and call its post method Another, Can I make my program blog to both XML -RPC based and Atom-based blog servers Rangu realizes that these programmers are about to run into an ugly learning curve two ugly learning curves, if you count Atom.
Then, make the XML parser:
10. In the Server field, type to sync to Google. Otherwise, if you are setting up your Exchange Server account, enter that server address. 11. Click Next in the upper right corner.
. . . defaultRoot.Tag = PhotoAlbum.DefaultDir; foreach (string s in Directory.GetFiles(. . .) { . . . albumNode.Tag = s; defaultRoot.Nodes.Add(albumNode); }
Placeholder controls provide a UI to support authoring and display. In live mode, a placeholder control renders an HTML stream; in author mode, it enables content to be edited.
I have made the most current source of Three20 available with the sample code provided for this chapter. However, by the time you read this chapter, it s possible that new features and bug fixes have been submitted. I highly encourage you to visit the site s home page on GitHub and check it out.
EndpointAddress myEndpoint = new EndpointAddress("http://localhost:55905/SampleAsmx.asmx"); SilverService.SampleAsmxSoapClient proxy = new SilverService.SampleAsmxSoapClient(myBinding, myEndpoint); SilverService.WsUser myData = new SilverService.WsUser() { Id = 3, Name = "John", IsValid = true }; proxy.SetSomethingCompleted += new EventHandler<System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs> (proxy_SetSomethingCompleted); proxy.SetSomethingAsync(1, myData); } void proxy_SetSomethingCompleted(object sender, System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs e) { (sender as SilverService.SampleAsmxSoapClient).CloseAsync(); }
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