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15.4 Storing lots of objects in a variable
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strURL = "URL;http://Servername/ReportServer /Folder/ ReportName&rs:Format=MHTML&Parameter1= [""SomeParamName""]" oQuery.Connection = strURL strT = oQuery.Connection MsgBox (strT) End Sub
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comment contains an array of chars whose length is kMaxCommentLength for each DVD. Each
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The Photo is now in your Saved Photos Directory
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Dave Sifry started Technorati in November 2002 to help people find what s new in the blogging universe, and find out who s linking to whom. Technorati claims to be the authority on the World Live Web, a term the company uses to draw a distinction between the old Web of infrequently updated homepages and the new Web of constantly updated blogs and newsfeeds. By subscribing to millions of newsfeeds (27 million at the time of this writing) and constantly indexing the web pages referenced by those newsfeeds, Technorati is able to give you the timely notification you need to search and monitor blogs. Technorati tracks blogs. It ranks the authority of each blog by counting its incoming links the number of web pages that link to that blog. The more links a blog has, the higher its Technorati ranking will be. Among other things, Technorati uses this ranking to determine the Technorati 100 list of top bloggers. Technorati also tracks and counts links to each web page. Technorati uses this information to create its News Talk, Book Talk, and Movie Talk lists of the most discussed news stories, books, and movies in the past 12 hours. What can Technorati do for you Let s start with search. You can use Technorati to search by keyword or by URL. You simply visit the site and enter your search terms as you would with any other search engine. For keyword searches, you can enter multiple words and phrases delimited by quotes. You can use boolean expressions with AND, OR, NOT, and grouping with datamatrix code
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The operators that C# uses have a few differences from VB, and the expressions will therefore take some getting used to. Table 42-2 shows the C# equivalent for some common VB operators.
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To do this, we re going to create a new class called ColorBlendView, which will be a direct subclass of NSView. One of the primary things you typically do in an NSView subclass is override the drawRect: mode to specify exactly what should be drawn. We re going to do just that, and fill each view with a blended color. In order to do the blending, each instance of ColorBlendView needs to know which blending mode to use, and which two colors to blend. We ll set up the blending mode for each ColorBlendView by hand, but the values for the two colors will be populated using Cocoa Bindings, so that as soon as the user changes one of the chosen colors, all of the ColorBlendView objects in our window will be instantly redrawn.
Creating a New Smart Playlist
17.2.2 When to use ClickOnce Although XBAPs are pretty cool, ClickOnce is arguably more commonly useful. A common reason why ASP.NET is used for complex applications is to avoid having to deploy a rich application. In a better world, the ease of deployment would be balanced against the much poorer usability of many ASP.NET applications (even with AJAX and every modern trick). Ah well. In any case, ClickOnce does a lot to level the playing field here. Users can still go to a web page and click a link, but then they get the full experience of a Windows application and automatic updates. That being said, there are still plenty of caveats. Security is one, although not as severe as with XBAPs. Additional concerns are bandwidth and deployment models.
plants (see figure 2.1). The Dalles Dam is strategic for the significant energy and cooling needs of these data centers. (Some new cloud data centers rely on cooling towers, which use evaporation to remove heat from the cooling water, instead of traditional energy-intensive chillers.) The Dalles data center also benefits from good fiber connectivity to various locations in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, thanks to a large surplus of fiber optic networking, a legacy of the dot-com boom. In 2007, Google built at least four new data centers at an average cost of $600 million, each adding to its Googleplex: a massive global computer network estimated to span 25 locations and 450,000 servers. Amazon also chose a Dalles location down the river for its largest data center. Yahoo! and Microsoft chose Quincy, Washington. Microsoft s new facility there has more than 477,000 square feet of space, nearly the area of 10 football fields. The company is tight-lipped about the number of servers at the site, but it does say the facility uses 3 miles of chiller piping, 600 miles of electrical wire, 1 million square feet of drywall, and 1.6 tons of batteries for backup power. And the data center consumes 48 megawatts enough power for 40,000 homes.
Do you remember the paperless office We were reading about it in our flying car the other day and decided that it was one of those concepts that sounded good, but never quite got off the ground. Whether this is because too many people aren t yet comfortable giving up paper or the technology isn t yet quite a reasonable replacement, we aren t sure. The fact is that most applications have to provide some mechanism for printing. Even for applications that eschew paper, there s often a need to provide data in an easily transferable format such as Adobe s PDF format. Yet, we ve noticed that most Windows programming guides manage to skirt talking about printing. We think we know the reason for this up until now, printing from Windows has been a royal pain. Even with Windows Forms, which made things a little better, printing was
A three-element array of doubles specifying the point about which the torus is centered in WCS coordinates A positive value representing the distance from the torus s center to the tube s center A positive value representing the tube s radius
protected void LinqDataSource1_Selecting(object sender, LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs e) { e.Result = from book in new LinqBooksDataContext().Books orderby book.Title select new { Id = book.ID, Title = book.Title, Publisher = book.PublisherObject.Name, Price = book.Price }; }
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