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Two of the most useful paths you can get are the paths to the start-up disk and the user s Home directory. Using built-in paths that represent these two containers can take you a long way to having a system-independent script. The idea is to make your script as portable and flexible as possible. I know what you re thinking . . . this is just a script that ll run on your Mac, and it has a small chance of going anywhere else. That s not necessarily so. As you will discover, a small bit of code you write to perform a simple task can suddenly grow into a full-blown script and then become part of a larger scheme. It is at that point that you copy the script to some other Mac to test it, and wham! Nothing works since the other Mac s hard drive has a different name. So, as much as you just want to get that pesky script quickly working, I urge you to take the time to replace the hard drive names using one of the few ways AppleScript has to refer to the startup disk, no matter what its name is. Let s say, for example, that your script refers to a folder called Client Jobs on the hard disk. You need a variable in your script that ll identify that folder. If you provide the full path as a literal string, your script line may look like this: set the_jobs_folder_path to "Macintosh HD:Client Jobs:" If you move the script to a Mac with a differently named hard drive, your script will break. Instead, use the command path to startup disk to get the first part of the path. Declare a global variable called something like hd, and assign the name of the start-up disk to it up front. From that point, anytime you want to refer to the start-up disk, just use this variable: global hd set hd to path to startup disk as string set client_jobs_folder_path to hd & "Client Jobs:" Why did you get the path to the start-up disk as a string This way, it s easier to concatenate it to names of other folders, to colons, and to other strings that make up path names. After the path name is complete, you can convert it to an alias if you need one, use it to create a Finder or System Events reference, and so on.
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IgnoredValue IsCaseSensitive Operator PropertyPath Value
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<StackPanel Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="4" VerticalAlignment="Center"> <TextBlock Height="25" x:Name="titleBlock" Foreground="White" FontSize="24" HorizontalAlignment="Left"> <Bold> WPF</Bold> <Italic>In Action</Italic> Calculator </TextBlock> <Rectangle Height="25"/> </StackPanel>
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19.3.2 Using the transition control With the one caveat that we have to use a namespace reference, using our new control is just like using any other WPF control. The namespace reference is the same as the one we used in our main application window.
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Mastering binding with a binding source Binding UI elements together Using value converters Creating data templates
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Finally we display the results accumulated in the variables.
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Next you ll create the file that contains the code that wraps the database methods. Create a new NSObject subclass. I used my company name prefix and kept it simple, naming the class ISDatabase. The following functions will use three properties that must be declared in the header. Your header should start out looking like this:
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Asynchronously Requesting Data
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Click here to go to the screen to Cancel your account Click this icon to see your Settings
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This approach is preferable to using a higher-permission login (such as sa) for this purpose. Once you re set up to monitor SQL Server 2005/2008 with DMVs, what should you be looking at
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=Sum("<field name>", "<dataset name>")
// // // // // // // helloWorld_001ViewController.m helloWorld_001 Created by Rory Lewis on 6/13/09. Copyright __MyCompanyName__ 2009. All rights reserved.
Design Best Practices
Figure 12 6. Layout and controls of the video recorder.
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