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Microsoft Mail Internet Headers Version 2.0 Received: from <exchange server FQDN> ([]) by <exchange Server FQDN > with Microsoft SMTPSVC(; Sat, 13 Mar 2006 11:44:49 -0600 barcode generation code
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backup (continued) compression 221 223, 232 compression default 221 convenience 223 COPY_ONLY backup 203 204 dedicated disks 170 design 195, 199, 221 destination, disk vs. tape 207 devices 225, 359 differential backup 199 200, 351 disk 170 duration 184 filegroup backup 214 frequency 154, 201 full backup 196 198 hard-coded filename 225 maintenance plans 352 MDW database 367 mirroring 210 multiple files 199 portability 221 retention policy 209 rotation policy 209 scheduling 223 snapshot backups 209, 217 strategy 195, 219, 223 support per SQL edition 7 tail log backups 202 transaction log 198, 200 203 upgrade technique 72 verification 195, 231 verification servers 224 window 210 WITH COMPRESSION 221 WITH COPY_ONLY 237 WITH NORECOVERY 202 WITH NO_TRUNCATE 202 BACKUP DATABASE 197 BACKUP DATABASE MIRROR TO 210 BACKUP DATABASE WITH CHECKSUM 210 BACKUP DATABASE WITH COMPRESSION 221 BACKUP DATABASE WITH DIFFERENTIAL 199 backup domain controller (BDC) 61 BACKUP LOG 200 BACKUP LOG WITH NORECOVERY 203, 215 BACKUP LOG WITH NO_TRUNCATE 202 BACKUP WITH COPY_ONLY 204 backups, SATA disk 17 backwards compatibility 68
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Table 5
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class MyObject { public MyObject(int count) { this.contained = new ContainedValue(count); } public MyObject Clone() { return((MyObject) MemberwiseClone()); } public ContainedValue contained; } class Test { public static void Main() { MyObject my = new MyObject(33); MyObject myClone = my.Clone(); Console.WriteLine( "Values: {0} {1}", my.contained.count, myClone.contained.count); myClone.contained.count = 15; Console.WriteLine( "Values: {0} {1}", my.contained.count, myClone.contained.count); } } This example produces the following output: Values: 33 33 Values: 15 15 Because the copy made by MemberWiseClone() is a shallow copy, the value of contained is the same in both objects, and changing a value inside the ContainedValue object affects both instances of MyObject. What s needed is a deep copy, where a new instance of ContainedValue is created for the new instance of MyObject. You do this by implementing the ICloneable interface: using System; class ContainedValue { public ContainedValue(int count) { this.count = count; } public int count; }
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Open a Visual Studio command window. Change the directory to your mobile application directory. Enter this command: NETCFsvcutil.exe http://<machinename>/yourservice/service.svc The preceding command should generate two source files. The one named after your service will contain the proxy class you will use to consume the WCF service you created. Add these classes to your project and compile the code. The code can be found at this book s website, http:/ / SQLServerMVPDeepDives.
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This rule detects whether HTTP access to the Exchange server is secured in IIS. If you aren t using HTTPS to secure this (and don t intend to), this rule should be disabled. This is a common issue if a user account is disabled without the msExchMaster AccountSID Active Directory attribute set. This can cause performance issues on Exchange servers if there are a lot of these alerts but this rule can be disabled providing you have a process in place for dealing with disabled Active Directory user accounts This rule runs the script that performs a synthetic logon to Outlook Web Access (OWA), and verifies that OWA is working correctly. This rule should only be disabled if you have no requirement to monitor OWA. This rule requires some configuration in most environments; this configuration is detailed later in this section.
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pinball game, would still require a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning for everything to feel just right. At the end, the super method createBodyInWorld is called, passing bodyDef, fixtureDef, and spriteFrameName to create both body and sprite. The super class in this case is of course the BodyNode class. And after this call, you can then use the body and sprite member variables because they re now initialized. For example, in this case I set the ball s color to red. The createBallInWorld method is actually called every time the ball falls into the drain and has left the table, just so that it s set back to its initial position. You can also set a body s position directly by using the following:
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ENFORCE (INSECURE) PASSWORD MECHANISM (continued) Action 8 Use the new PasswordDlg form in the PhotoAlbum.Open method to receive a password from the user. Result
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For the item s width, the width of the scaled image plus the width of the drawn string is used, plus 2 pixels as padding between the image and the text. To do this, the OWNER-DRAWN LISTS 347
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After you select Properties, you ll see the dialog box shown in figure 4.10, open to the Recycling tab. This tab allows you to determine exactly when your worker process (or application pool) will be restarted. You have the options to recycle your worker process based on the number of minutes it runs or on the number of requests it receives, at a particular time or times, or when a worker process begins to consume too much memory (an amount you specify in megabytes). As shown in figure 4.10, set up your
<hibernate-mapping default-access="field"> <class name="NHibernate.Auction.Persistence.Audit.AuditLogRecord, NHibernate.Auction.Persistence" table="AUDIT_LOG" mutable="false"> <id name="Id" column="AUDIT_LOG_ID"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <property name="Message" column="MESSAGE"/> <property name="EntityId" column="ENTITY_ID"/> <property name="EntityType" column="ENTITY_CLASS"/> <property name="UserId" column="USER_ID"/> <property name="Created" column="CREATED"/> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
Silverlight. Silverlight only supports a subset of the full ASX schema, but this subset still provides plenty of elements that can be used to deliver a rich client-side playlist (see table 20.5).
Figure 5.2 Usage of isolation frameworks among my blog readers
3. See 10.
Then, click Continue.
10.1.2 Son of MFC If you have any experience with MFC, you ll undoubtedly notice that the WPF command model is heavily influenced by it. Given that this is a book on WPF, we won t go into a tremendous amount of detail on the MFC implementation. If you re familiar with MFC, consider this a refresher or, if not, an interesting bit of trivia. Command routing in MFC was based around the idea of the Message Map. At a low level, everything in Windows is driven by messages. If the user clicks the mouse, a WM_LBUTTONDOWN is sent to the application, followed by a WM_LBUTTONUP. (The L is for the left button). If part of the screen needs to be repainted, a WM_PAINT message is sent. And, if a command needs to be executed, such as something from a classic Windows menu, a WM_COMMAND message is sent. In MFC, the trick was to make sure that the appropriate code got called when one of these messages was sent. This was generally done by putting a Message Map in the file, with entries for each message and command to be handled.
An introduction to Office Business Applications (OBA)
They must be public. They must have both the set and get accessors. They can t have parameters. They can t be indexed.
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