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The operators &, |, and ^ are usually used on integer data types, though they can also be applied to the bool type. The operators && and || differ from the single-character versions in that they perform short-circuit evaluation. In the following expression, b is evaluated only if a is true: a && b In the following expression, b is evaluated only if a is false: a || b
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and the Tweet composition screen is displayed. Your Twitter ID is in the From line and you have 140 characters to express what is on your mind. When you are done, just touch the Send button in the upper right-hand corner.
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Sapus Tongue is a game created by the author of cocos2d for iPhone, Ricardo Quesada. The object of the game is to rotate the device to spin a monkey in order to throw it as far as possible. For over two years the Sapus Tongue source code has been frequently updated to stay current with both the development of cocos2d and the iPhone SDK, always integrating the latest features added to cocos2d. It s the most instructive source code package for learning the cocos2d game engine, and recent updates have added iAd, Game Center, and HD support.
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As this table shows, you have flexibility in customizing the selection experience, but you don t have complete control over the dialog box. For instance, you can t dictate the appearance of the dialogs. Instead, the dialogs use the user s OS to determine the general look of the dialog box. By using the values in table 15.10, you can guide the selection experience, as shown in figure 15.12. The following is the code to achieve this:
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The key: avoiding data movement
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Our Custom Autodiscovery Solution
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Classifying incoming database connections into a workload group offers a number of benefits, including the following: Connections that share a similar property, for example, Application Name, can be grouped together for purposes of applying resource usage boundaries via a specific resource pool. Application of resource usage constraints, such as a custom MAXDOP setting, can be made at a workload group level, thereby enabling more control over resources in mixed-purpose environments. Resource usage can be monitored at a group level, enabling a deeper understanding and visibility of current, aggregate, minimum, and maximum resource usage for a given group. As covered earlier, there are two preexisting system workload groups, default and internal. The default group is used for any connections not classified into a userdefined group or classified into a group that no longer exists. The internal group, used for internal SQL Server operations, can be monitored, but connections cannot be classified into this group, nor can the group be modified in any way. In addition to these system workload groups, user-defined groups can be created using the CREATE WORKLOAD GROUP T-SQL command. To gain a deeper understanding of workload groups, let s examine the syntax of this command before discussing its optional arguments:
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of countries private void LoadContinents() { AddContinent("Africa", false, new string[] { "Algeria", "Angola", "Benin", "Botswana", "Burkina", "Burundi", of countries... }); AddContinent("Asia", false, new string[] { "Afghanistan", "Bahrain", "Bangladesh", "Bhutan", "Brunei", of countries...}); AddContinent("Europe", true, new string[] { "Albania", "Andorra", "Armenia", "Austria", "Azerbaijan", of countries... }); AddContinent("North America", false, new string[] { "Bahamas", "Barbados", "Belize", "Canada", "Costa Rica", of countries...}); AddContinent("Oceania", false, new string[] { "Australia", "Fiji", "Kiribati", "Marshall Islands","Micronesia", of countries... }); AddContinent("South America", false, new string[] { "Argentina", "Bolivia", "Brazil", "Chile", "Colombia", of countries... }); }
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET Table 2-2. The Full List of the Association Attribute s Properties Property Name Description
$dbdappfile.Growth = [double]($datsize * 1024.0) $dbdappfile.MaxSize = [double]($maxsize * 1024.0) # Create the file for the log $dblfile = new-object ('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.LogFile') ($db, 'MyAppDB_Log') $db.LogFiles.Add($dblfile) $dblfile.FileName = $srv.Information.MasterDBLogPath + '\MyAppDB_Log.ldf' $dblfile.Size = [double]($logsize * 1024.0) $dblfile.GrowthType = 'KB' $dblfile.Growth = [double]($logsize * 1024.0) # Create the database $db.Create() # Set the default filegroup to AppFG $appfg = $db.FileGroups['AppFG'] $appfg.IsDefault = $true $appfg.Alter() $db.Alter()
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