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- (IBAction)createCharacter:(id)sender; - (IBAction)createMonster:(id)sender; - (IBAction)createDungeon:(id)sender; @end
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Username 235, 239, 241 242 UserRoles 242, 245 usp_ContactDelete 62 usp_ContactInsert 62, 105, 112 113 usp_ContactsSelect 62 usp_ErrorLogInsert 51 53 usp_VerifyUser 233 235, 239, 241 V validation 46, 169 170, 230 ValidateUser 239 242 validation security 230 VaryByControl 59 VaryByCustom 57 VaryByHeader 57 VaryByParam 56 57, 59 VB 6.0 developers 45 VB.NET Add Contact method using 111, 114 building a web service using 177, 180 cache API and 60 call stack using 48 49 cofiguration of Assembly Information file using 109 110 Contact class and 108 error logging to a database table with 54 loading controls with 65 66 loading XML documents with 167 .NET Compact Framework and 15, 17 .NET Framework support for 5 6 Nothing value 59 sample pages using 36 38, 40, 45, 48 49 try/catch blocks and 50 53 Windows form application using 39, 41 VBA 188
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PS (1) > New-Object string ([char[]] "Hello"),1,4 ello c# barcode type 39 generator
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Using the WebBrowserBrush to paint an ellipse with a web page
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In RootViewController.m, remove the ISDatabase.h import statement, and change the viewDidLoad function to the following, which is simpler:
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Category computer = ... // Loaded in a previous session Category laptops = new Category("Laptops"); computer.ChildCategories.Add(laptops); laptops.ParentCategory = computer;
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Listing 7-12. Customizing cellForRowAtIndexPath to Set the Cell Contents
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Figure 20.4 Running with an embedded Windows Forms control. Notice that the DateTimePicker is using the classic Windows style, rather than the Vista style used by the TextBox.
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Deleting a Block Object
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=Iif( InScope("rowEmployee"), "Employee Sales Freeform", "Employee Sales By Territory with Summary Chart")
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You can substitute a variable for the same thing:
Introducing LINQ
choose file name vs. choose file
UPDATE THE SAVE METHOD TO STORE CAPTIONS Action 1 In the PhotoAlbum.cs file, modify the version constant to be 83. Modify our foreach loop in the Save method to store both the file name and caption, each on a separate line. Result
The last enterprise example is somewhat different from the previous two; it s more similar to the cloud usage we discussed in section 3.5. It represents a shift from projectoriented enterprise usage models to one in which the enterprise relies on the cloud infrastructure day in and day out to provide services. Virgin Atlantic launched a new travel portal called and deployed it completely on a cloud infrastructure. It s a conventional website application that takes advantage of load balancing for improved reliability, performance, and scalability, as well as content delivery network (CDN) services provided by Amazon CloudFront to improve global service delivery. Because it s deployed in a cloud model, there was no
tions were used on the client side to render the presentation screens. Fixing the application to scale better wasn t easy. It had to be totally redesigned and rewritten in ASP.NET. After several iterations, the application finally met the performance goals and was deployed to the high-volume production environment. The moral of this story is that you must plan for performance as early as possible in the application s lifecycle.
Test it using the included sample arguments to make sure it s installed and working. If registration is working, the script should return the following:
4.5.9 ObjectAlloc
It s three again, as intended. Let s just check the TargetObject member of the last error object to verify that it s the file name nobother .
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