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Installing SQL Server
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PS (2) > CustomClass point { >> note x 0 >> note y 0 >> method ToString { "($($this.x), $($this.y))"}
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private void OnLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("All"); Some supported dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("moby-thes"); dictionaries dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("vera"); dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("jargon"); dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("easton"); dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("bouvier"); dictionaryCombo.Items.Add("devils");
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@Password 235 passwords 195, 230 PDAs (personal digital assistants) 15 16, 26, 96 Pending Requests folder 224 Perform Access Checks At The Process And Component Level 128, 256 Perform Access Checks Only At The Process Level 128, 256 performance application pooling and 140 application tuning and 135 ASP.NET 34, 36 caching and 56, 61 CLR and 41 42 enhancing 119 increasing web application 64 in-process state management and 54, 56 PostBack and 39 Provide Additional Security for Reference Tracking, impact on 123 server controls 45 46 settings tab for 81 82 Web.Config and 155 personal digital assistants (PDAs) 15 16, 26, 96 PKCS #10 224 platform security 215, 269 Pocket PC 15, 28 29 pool size 134, 140 Pooling & Recycling 127, 134, 140 POP3 7, 71 <portType> 176, 177 Port Types 176 POST and GET 56, 57, 173 PostBack 38 39, 64 Primary Output 275 Principal 238, 243 248, 250 PrincipalPermissionAttribute 247 248 print server 7, 71
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What is SSD
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<many-to-one name="BillingDetails" class="BillingDetails" column="BILLING_DETAILS_ID" cascade="save-update"/>
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CHAPTER 13: Support Tools for the Busy Developer
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Object model for the IQueryable interface
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { // Define the list view comparer _comparer = new MyListViewComparer(listViewMain); listViewMain.ListViewItemSorter = _comparer; listViewMain.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending; . . . }
Caching strategies and scopes
One reason that you might want to use it is if the threads are working on a solution and one of the threads finds the answer. One thread could easily signal all other threads to stop their work. Under general circumstances data slots are allocated and used for the life of the program, or at least the life of the threads accessing them.
myInt = 27 % (6 * 5);
Creating a Simple Application
Pandora Radio is renowned for having a great UI. But a polished UI alone won t make an application great. The mobile environment presents incredible challenges for providing Internet audio. And thus the hidden gem of the Pandora Radio application is its ability to deliver seamless, high-quality audio to your phone wherever you are, regardless of connection type even over cellular networks such as EDGE. In order to provide a terrific audio experience, though, you must first know the tools that are required. It s also useful to practice good habits in your programming.
PS (1) > $a = 1,2,3 PS (2) > $a.gettype().fullname System.Object[]
The variable $xi now holds an XML document representation of the bookstore inventory. Let s select the genre attribute from each book:
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