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CHAPTER 20: Your Calendar
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public void Open(string fileName) { . . . try { // Initialize as a new album Clear(); this._fileName = fileName; ReadAlbumData(sr, version); // Check for password // (we ll deal with this shortly) Photograph.ReadDelegate PhotoReader; switch (version) { . . . case 92: case 93: PhotoReader = new Photograph.ReadDelegate( Photograph.ReadVersion92); break; . . . } . . . }
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unsigned char myInt[4] = { 0x12, 0x34, 0x56, 0x78 };
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10.1 LINQ to XML axis methods
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http://Servername/ReportServer /Folder/ ReportName&rs:Format=MHTML&Parameter 1=ParameterValue
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Rotating Objects
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The Personal view can only be seen by the user. The Personal view is the default view if it exists. Changes to Web Part properties in the Shared view won t override the Personal view properties. Not all properties can be changed in the Personal view.
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Figure 8 10. Name and save the new FoodTableViewController class. // //
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19.1.1 The DictionaryLookup class In the Dictionary application, we shoved the logic for looking up words into the code behind our Search page. We did this to save time, but it s obviously not world-class design. We ll rectify this (at least a little) in the World Browser program by putting
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winforms data matrix
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Listing 18.13 A composite geometry to make a key
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If the album opens successfully, assign the album title as the caption text for the DataGrid control. If the album cannot be opened, clear the album and assign an error message as the caption text. Bind the contents of the resulting album to appear in the DataGrid control.
13.4.1 Dropping and disabling indexes
orderby years.Key descending select new { Year = years.Key, Books = from book in years select new { book.Title, book.Authors } };
The Background property is used to hold the background brush of the control. This can be a simple color or a complex gradient. Similarly, the BorderBrush property does the same for the brush used to paint the border. The BorderThickness is a size to be
int *myPointer;
Source Files 275 Sourcegear Vault 36 spaghetti (traditional) coding 141 SQL Client Network Utility 263 SQL Server accessing data stored in 97 as tier of Windows Server 2003 216 217 authentication and authorization of 229 230, 260 connection strings for various providers 22 23 Contact manager for 63 Contact tables for 62 dbo account 260 installation on servers for application deployment 281 .NET Enterprise Servers suite product 3 4 security and 260 263 similarity to Oracle.NET Data Provider 19 software requirements of 14 SSL and 262 263 state information storage on 55 56 stored procedure parameters passing XML into 167 user accoun sa 52 SQL Server .NET Data Provider 263 SQL Server DTS 142 SQL Server Managed Provider 13 SQL Server Network Utility 263 SQL Server Service Manager. 159 SQL Server State Management 54 SqlClient 19, 22 SqlCommand 52 53, 60 SqlConnection 52 53, 60 SqlDataAdapter 60 SqlHelper 233 235, 239 241
A Web service is an application that exposes a programming interface to remote callers over the Web. Unlike alternative remoting models, such as DCOM and CORBA, Web services offer a simple, scalable model based on industry standards such as XML/ SOAP. SOAP, in turn, uses HTTP as the transport layer to move structured type information across the Internet. (SOAP version 1.1 opened the possibility of using other Internet protocols as transport layers.) SOAP messages are essentially one-way transmissions, but can be combined to create a request/response conversation model suited to remote method invocation. SOAP data is encapsulated for transmission in a SOAP envelope which is basically an XML document containing the structured data to be transmitted. Developing XML Web services and clients does not necessarily require an understanding of SOAP, although it doesn t hurt. Using ASP.NET, developing the service can be as simple as coding a C#, or Visual Basic .NET class and deploying it on IIS. Microsoft IIS and the ASP.NET infrastructure look after compiling the source, building a WSDL contract which describes the service, forwarding client calls to the service, and returning results. (We ll look at ASP.NET in more detail in chapter 8.) The .NET SDK, and Visual Studio .NET, both provide tools to query the WSDL contract, and generate a proxy class to be used in compiling client applications.
Access and read almost any document .
In the following example we set UIThread s IsBackground property to true to indicate that the thread associated with UIThread is a background thread:
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