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Figure 11.9 The AddSale web method from the web service
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Figure 5-32. The Email Format tab of the Send a notification to a Notification Group dialog
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Microsoft Silverlight1 is a new technology designed specifically for building browser components. It s aimed at the same market as Adobe Flash or Sun s JavaFX. Unlike XBAP, it doesn t need to have .NET 3.x installed because it comes with its own (much reduced) version of the runtime, and it s installed, like Flash, as a browser plug-in. Currently, Silverlight only works on the PC or the Mac, but Microsoft has partnered with the Mono team and Novell to provide Linux support via a project called Moonlight, which is an open source version of Silverlight.2 For Silverlight to compete with Adobe Flash, it will need to be as ubiquitous, so it s a good thing that it will operate in a number of places. A number of books are dedicated to Silverlight, including Silverlight 2 in Action (Chad A. Campbell and John Stockton), so we aren t going to cover it in depth. Nonetheless, we ll provide a small demonstration later in this chapter. Before we get to that, we ll start by turning our dictionary application into an XBAP.
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Figure 13 1. A simple hierarchy of views. The window s contentView contains an NSBox, which in turn contains an NSForm.
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If a name isn t specified for a property, and the expression is a simple name or a member access, the result property takes the name of the original member. Here we don t provide a name for the first member B, so it will be named Id. For the sake of clarity, you may consider explicitly naming the members even if it isn t required.
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Accessed via the Control Panel, the advanced options of System Properties let you choose between adjusting processor resources to favor foreground applications or background services. As a background service, SQL Server obviously benefits from this option being set to Background Services, as shown in figure 7.9.
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{ ShapeColor ShapeRect } fillColor; bounds;
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Index Seek (NonClustered) [SalesTransactions_Partitioned].[id... Cost: 77 %
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Next, modify the windowControllerDidLoadNib: method as shown here:
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-(void) accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)accelerometer didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)acceleration { CCLOG(@"acceleration: x:%f / y:%f / z:%f", acceleration.x, acceleration.y, acceleration.z); }
3. 4.
Settings TextBox Photo File Property (Name) ReadOnly Text Caption Date Photographer (Name) Text (Name) Text (Name) Text txtPhotographer txtDate txtCaption Value txtPhotoFile True
Press and hold Power/Sleep button, while simultaneously pressing the Home button. Hold both buttons for about 10 seconds until the screen goes blank.
binding manager.
Table 7.6 Step 4
The EventTrigger b is a trigger fired when an event takes place. It can be added to the Triggers collection along with the existing property-based triggers. By the way, make sure you remove the setter from the IsMouseOver trigger, or the animation will act strangely.
Listing 12.2 NumberToFormattedTextValueConverter
typedef struct { int key; int count; } KeyCount;
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