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function Get-XPathNavigator ($text) { $rdr = [System.IO.StringReader] $text $trdr = []$rdr $xpdoc = [System.XML.XPath.XPathDocument] $trdr $xpdoc.CreateNavigator() }
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The first line in listing 7.1 represents a processing instruction. Processing instructions are used to feed special instructions to the parser. In this example (and most XML documents), the processing instruction tells the parser that the document that is being loaded complies with version 1.0 of the XML specification, which is governed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). (See for more information.) You will also use processing instructions to link Extensive Stylesheet Language (XSL) files to your document. The encoding section tells the parser the character scheme of the XML document that is being loaded. Lines 2 4 indicate an XML comment. This syntax is exactly the same as in HTML. One thing to note about comments is that they can t be embedded inside the tag names that describe the data in your XML document. Therefore, this is incorrect:
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[void] $shell.Run("calc")
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T-SQL is a declarative language; a query is simply a description of what you want, not a
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This returns the following result:
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Technically speaking, the help system has no idea what commands are present in the shell. All it knows is what help topics are available. Fortunately, Microsoft ships a help topic for nearly every cmdlet that they produce, so there s usually no difference. In addition, the help system can also access information that isn t related to a specific cmdlet, including background concepts and other general information. Like most commands, Get-Help (and therefore Help) has several parameters. One of those perhaps the most important one is -Name. It s a positional parameter, so you don t have to type -Name and can simply provide the name you re looking for. This parameter specifies the name of the help topic you d like to access, and it accepts wildcards. This ability to handle wildcards is what makes the help system useful for discovering commands. For example, suppose I want to do something with an event log. I don t know what commands might be available, so I want to search and see what help topics talk about event logs. I might run either of these two commands:
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If you don t understand all the code right now, don t worry about it. We ll go through this program in excruciating, line-by-line detail soon. Source code is no fun if you can t turn it into a running program. Build and run the program by clicking the Build and Go button or pressing R. If there aren t any nasty syntax errors, Xcode compiles and links your program and then runs it. Open the Xcode console window
Figure 12-35. The resulting dialog box from the choose URL command The following script will ask the user to specify a file server URL, by either choosing it from a list or entering it, and then mount the specified volume: set server_address to choose URL showing {File servers} with editable URL mount volume server_address The choose URL command now supports Common Internet File System (CIFS) file servers, which is new to Tiger 10.4.
When you reach the end of an album, just tap the screen once and you ll see a tab in the upper left corner that has the name of the photo album. Touch that tab and you ll return to the thumbnail
var queryNew = from book in dataSet.Book where !knownTitles.Contains(book.Title) orderby book.Title
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