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The Cocoa class that lets you find network services published by Bonjour (the technology formerly called Rendezvous) is named NSNetServiceBrowser. You tell the net service browser what service you re looking for and give it a delegate object. The browser object then sends messages to the delegate object telling it when it sees new services. ITunesFinder, which lives in the 12.03 ITunesFinder project folder, uses NSNetServiceBrowser to list all the shared iTunes music libraries that it can find. For this project, we ll start out with main(), which lives in main.m. The delegate object is an instance of the class ITunesFinder, so we need to import its header file:
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Objects: just data by another name
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Once the app is installed, click on the LinkedIn icon and enter your login information.
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Use the Focused property for the TreeView class.
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As with a nonclustered installation, you begin a failover clustering installation by running setup.exe from the installation DVD. Next, you go through a series of steps to install setup support files and check various setup rules. As shown in figure 5.9, the setup checks for a clustered installation are more detailed than for a nonclustered installation. Installation continues with the usual prompts for a product key, acknowledgment of license terms, and feature selection, before arriving at the instance configuration step, as shown in figure 5.10. The one difference between this step and the equivalent step in a nonclustered installation is the SQL Server Network Name field. The name you enter is used to identify an instance on the network. In our example, we ll use BNE-SQL-PR-02 as our network name, and together with the instance name (Marketing), we ll access this
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[TestMethod] [Asynchronous] public void TestEmployeeServiceCallReturnsData() { var service = new EmployeeDataService(); service.EmployeesLoaded += (s, e) => { Assert.IsNotNull(service.Employees); Assert.IsTrue(service.Employees.Count > 0); EnqueueTestComplete(); }; service.LoadEmployees(); } }
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Listing 4.10 Serializing a simple class
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Now it s finally time to create the GUI for VillainTracker, using Interface Builder to edit the project s main nib file. You ll add GUI controls to match each of the outlets in the controller class, and see how to give them logical groupings and make them reposition themselves correctly when their window is resized. Finally, you ll add an instance of our controller class to the nib, and connect everything together. Start by locating the MainMenu.xib in Xcode s navigation pane. You ll find it in the Resources group, which is inside the top-level VillainTracker group. Double-click MainMenu.xib, and Interface Builder will launch and show you the contents of the nib file. In addition to the window labeled MainMenu.xib, which shows all the top-level contents of this nib file, you ll see an empty window labeled VillainTracker (or Window if you re running Leopard or an earlier version of Mac OS X), and a special window labeled just MainMenu which contains the application s menu items. If you re running Snow Leopard, the default contents of MainMenu.xib are set to include the name of your application in several key spots, and you can skip to the next paragraph. If you re still running Leopard, however, you ll need to change some default values to make your app show its proper name when it runs. Go through the menu items available in the MainMenu window, and change all occurrences of NewApplication to VillainTracker. We went through all this in 3; if you ve forgotten, look there for more details on just which menu items need to be changed. Then, take the empty window (the one labeled either VillainTracker or Window, depending on your OS version) and make it bigger by dragging the resize control in the lower right. Make it about one-third the size of the screen, and leave enough room to still see the Library ( L to open it) and the Inspector ( I) at the same time. Don t worry about the exact size; we ll fine-tune it later.
CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
Because of the work that was going on with the next generation of Windows at the time (the Vista release), the press called this the first Vista virus. The Microsoft security response team members, who are busy analyzing real threats and can t track all of the new projects that are being worked on, responded by saying that it wasn t a Vista virus because PowerShell wasn t in the official list of features for Vista at that time. The press immediately turned this into PowerShell cancelled due to virus threat . None of this was true, of course, but it made a good headline and lots of people, even inside Microsoft, believed the story.
Figure 2 11. Locating the second occurence of "Man" indexOf() has a partner in crime named lastIndexOf() that searches upstream, from the end of a string to the beginning. Insofar as the second occurrence of "Man" is also the last, we could therefore rewrite the previous sample like so: var villains = "Iron Monger, Titanium Man, Madame Masque, Ghost, Mandarin"; villains.lastIndexOf("Man"); // 49
Another rarely used property is the thread s stack size, which must be set before the thread is started. This requires that you create an NSThread object, set its stack size, and then start the thread using the -start message. Stack sizes must be set in even multiples of 4K (4096) bytes and currently default to 512K. The two situations where you would want to change the stack size are: A thread is overflowing its stack. In this situation, increase its stack size before starting the thread. You create lots of threads that don t use much stack space, and the stack space allocated to each is impacting address space allocation. Reduce the default stack size so that each thread allocates less memory.
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