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Authoring features As a report author, with RS you have several choices for creating reports. We discuss each of these options in detail in chapter 2. For now, we d like to introduce you to the Report Designer; this will likely be the option that you will use most of the time for report authoring. Introducing the Report Designer Using the Report Designer graphical environment, you can create reports of different types, such as crosstab drilldown reports, like the one shown in figure 1.2. RS doesn t restrict your report-authoring options to static paper-oriented reports. Instead, you can make your reports more versatile and easy to use by adding interactive features, such as expandable sections, hyperlinks, and document maps. Given its tight integration with the Visual Studio. NET integrated development environment (IDE), the Report Designer provides you with access to all report design features as well as team development features, such as source code management. About the Report Definition Language At this point, you may be wondering what an RS-based report file looks like and how it is stored. RS saves the report as an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file that is described in a Report Definition Language schema.
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Overriding the default Target Audiences filter SharePoint Server comes with a standard runtime filter using audiences to filter the Web Parts. Each web application can have only one filter, so if you need a custom filter you have to replace the standard filter with your custom one. To enhance the standard SharePoint Server filter, you can subclass the out-of-the-box filter. The web.config file in a SharePoint Server web application will look like this:
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Creating the .icns file To create the .icns file, follow these steps:
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Social engineering is the act of manipulating (tricking) people into performing security functions or divulging confidential information.
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So that s a brief look at unit testing. It s only fair to mention that not all developers approve of unit testing, and I m definitely not advocating full-on Test-Driven Development. But any testing is better than no testing or haphazard testing. I use unit tests in my code because I think it helps me to design better code, and it helps me to nail down bugs. It takes a little organization to put meaningful tests in place, but once there they run themselves whenever you use Build and Run, so beyond that initial investment they are free. Another way of checking the workings of your application is to check its performance. Xcode includes some great tools to help with monitoring performance and resource usage. That s where you re heading in the next chapter.
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CREATE PROCEDURE usp_ErrorLogInsert @ClassName varchar(20), @ProcName varchar(20), @Message varchar(50) AS INSERT INTO ErrorLog (ClassName, ProcName, Message) VALUES (@ClassName, @ProcName, @Message)
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Publishing the Instance Info
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Let s put the result of this command into a variable.
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In the first four parts of this book, we ve provided you with detailed coverage of all the major pieces of the LINQ puzzle. In the next chapter, we explore how you can extend LINQ to support additional scenarios that it doesn t support out of the box.
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It should be noted that in the APRSstation class, Stephen represents the details parsed from the APRS, which sets the location of the pins.
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